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SeoulTogether • Bonjuk, Common Ground & Rainbow Bridge


Our daily view from our apartment!
(Pardon the mess; it's also our dressing table. Lol.)

Though the view actually isn't much, I love it! For one, I really like huge ass windows; so much natural light comes into the room! And second, at least the view is not blocked by another building; don't have to be worried someone can peep into your room from across the building too! It's a good thing our apartment is located right infront of the road~ Back home, we have the school at one side and more HDBs at the other side. Boo~

First to our daily OOTD together. ♥
Natural light gives you great shots!

Quick selfie while waiting for the subway.

I like how they play short melodies to announce the arrival of trains! I think you can hear it from quite far? So useful! It's like... You can speed up going down the steps when you hear the music and not miss the train by that split second. Happens to me one too many times; I rush down for the MRT just that one second late because I was strolling a little too much from entrance down. Lol.

It's also very awesome staying just 1-minute walk away from a subway station! Did not have to walk too far after exiting the station after a long long day out.

Selfie on the way up the long escalator!

Hungry Jo is a fast Jo~
Here's her brisk-walking to find our breakfast!

&Then there's us... I'm slow because I have short legs, but Shan is just finishing up her exercise quota a little too early. Hahaha.

THIS was what we were searching high and low for ; 본죽 @ Ewha Women's University.
Took us quite a while (a good 20 over minutes?!) to finally spot the shop..

It is so complicated even though we were following the instructions online? But now that we know where it is, finding it is a breeze :p
(In 2017, Jolene and I visited this place for porridge again and spotted really nice cherry blossoms just outside! 🌼)

Face: Happy that we're finally sitting down

Face: Happy that we're finally eating


Ordered their abalone porridge and........ vegetable porridge.

I cannot really remember what the second one is, but I strongly believe it was just vegetable porridge. I googled... The other one that looks similar is seafood related, but I don't remember there were seafood in ours? Lol. Man, this is why you don't blog 1.5 years later. Meh.

So anyway, I am not a fan of porridge... Never orders it outside and only eats porridge my mum cooks. Okay fine, maybe I have had porridge outside just once... But that is because my friends wanted to eat at the porridge shop near my place, and there's basically nothing else besides porridge.


Main point: Bonjuk 본죽 serves really good porridge! Maybe I'm just biased because it's a Korean porridge, but really... Their porridge suits my palette. It isn't too mushy, still keeps the rice texture, and has plenty of flavour! The abalone one not so much (still nice la, very light!), but we all loved the vegetable porridge! Perfect with the kimchi and this... meat side dish?

Honestly, I don't know why Koreans like their abalone porridge.... 본죽's abalone porridge is my second try now.. You don't really taste the abalones and they are chopped into such tiny pieces, it is hard to know if they are even in the porridge. Would totally go for others!

Also, their porridge is pretty... pricey~ Cheapest 7,000₩ and it goes up to 20,000₩. 

Seriously....? For porridge?! Lol.

So after filling our tummies with the comforting porridge, we shopped along Ewha Women's University. Not many shops were opened then. It was... around 11am? I like how Korea has a nightlife and compensates it with starting the day slightly later... More shops open after 11:30am to 12pm. Just nice for non-early risers like me. :p

Taking the subway again for our next stop!

The up and rising hipster venue in Korea~ Common Ground.

How unlucky, there was a Hyundai showcase that day.
Couldn't get a clean shot of the place without cars photobombing.

There's actually...... nothing much here.

A pretty place with vibrant colour containers to hold their cafes. And that's it. The tents along Common Ground sells random stuffs that are too pricey; I'm sure you can find them at cheaper prices at our next stop : Express Bus Terminal!

Perfect place to take new display pictures / wallpapers / screensavers.

So in love with my tripod!!!
99% of the pictures you see of us three in my entries (to come) are all selfshot!

Say YAY to less badly taken pictures and more YAY for not having to be disappointed and not having to ask for reshot because not everyone can take good pictures. :X

I hate it when someone helps us, but take a bad picture and we feel bad asking for another shot or like... guide how to take the picture. Meh.

The colours are really nice.
Worth a visit just to take pictures, though a little out of the way.

There were many people crowding around spots to take pictures with their hugeass tripods and heavyduty cameras!

Bumped into some Singaporeans when we were coming down.
Helped them take a few nice shots, and here's the favour returned! :D

Thereafter, we went across the street to Caffe Bene! Why didn't we just settle down in one of the cafes at Common Ground, right..........?

No idea.

But I suppose, the cafes there would be cost more anyway? Lol.

Karena later told us she shared a cake with John and it was nice. Meh.

A mini break for us as we decide to cool down from the heat before continuing the day!

Super nice melon bingsu!

&Then, we were off again for our second last itinerary of the day : Shopping!!!

A seemingly random shot of Jolene, but actually.......

No pictures from our over 2-hour shopping~ I really like Express Bus Terminal. You know it's the right place to go when there's only mostly the locals shopping there! So much cheap fashion and accessories! I got so many random accessories. HEHE.

Some clothes, and plenty of socks and accessories! ♥
I was super duper happy to have found the phone cover that lights up when you get notification!

Our dinner as we took a quick break to rest our feet.
MY LEGS WERE EXHAUSTED! I was extremely tired by this time.

But I believe we were not even 3/4 done with the place?! Maybe just slightly more than half done... The place is huge!

Moving on!

These lighted buildings..... Totally reminded me of Korean dramas.

&The last sight on our itinerary for day2!
So many people just crowded there to wait for the light show too.

Pity it wasn't dark enough! The rainbow wasn't obvious at all. :(
I think there was this one last show at 9:30pm, but we didn't stay till then...

Took a cab back instead because we were seriously quite dogged already.

Maybe next time I'll see you in your full glory!
Have a beer and some fried chicken too. hehe.

After dropping off our stuff in the apartment, we headed back out again (hahha so much for feeling dogged).

This was already past 10pm. Just look at the crowd!
Nightlife jjang!

After roaming around Hongdae for an hour, we went for supper!

Fried Chicken + Beer (치맥 Chimaek) at 11pm.
Korea's doing nightlife right! The restaurant was packed too!

I remember seeing people eat hotplate chicken with lotsa cheese! Man, how do Koreans not gain weight from all these supper?! There were so many so many slim Koreans. It's amazing. I would gain so much weight just staying there for a week.

The place we went!

Checked it out only because I know them two. LOL.
Turns out the chicken were good!

&That was end to our second day in Korea~ :)

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