Friday, December 30, 2016

More Gifts Please!

The year is coming to an end soon, but we ain't even done with Christmas yet!! I like how Christmas is allegedly 12 days and we can continue spoiling each other with gifts until it is over. :p That's what the PMOs at L2 did earlier today. HEHE.

Us after lunch today exchanging gifts!

One gift from each of us to each of us! Lol.

Got me a gold watch

&Things on my wishlist! muahahaha.

♥these 2

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas with my Favourites!

Christmas is a season to be jolly, but it never feels complete until it's celebrated with my happypills! ♥ I'm really glad we haven't stopped this annual tradition since we started back in 2008.. hehe.

&So, I just got back from a cosy celebration with them in Jolene's new crib!! Only 9 of us this year because Karena's out working. Life of a stewardess... friend! Lol. It's like Jolene and Karena are always taking turns to miss a celebration, but I guess it shows that we are fair too? =p

Fuss-free, fast food!
Loved Jolene's mum potato salad and wasn't a fan of the turkey.
Why do people eat turkey during Christmas?? So not nice!

Anyway, we didn't do much after dinner except laze around watching a few episodes of some Chinese singing competition. Or was it.... Korean? :/

Of course, we also took some time to take a few group shots!

I like how Jolene's house will always have a Christmas tree! Super apt.

& Then, we exchanged gifts!

Did something simple; went with a generic gift under $50 and then tried to market our gift to be picked during the selection. Oh! We also played games to decide the order of who'll pick the gifts first!

I guess everyone was pretty happy with their gifts, except Lance.
I really like the pillow! He got a Snorlax plushie...

&We ended the night with some icecream log cake!
The only cake the clique will finish with no qualms. Lol.

Snapchat video of last night! :)

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Picnic...

...with my favourite project thus far. ^^
Merry Christmas from us!!

But no, we did not celebrate Christmas picnic-ing (I wish!), but had dinner at Wisma's Picnic X!! We reserved a really dreamy and cozy area that looked gorgeous with Christmas decorations up. Really set the mood. Heh.

Just came back from a comfortable celebration; enjoying good food, great company and unwrapping gifts from our Secret Santa. I like the idea the girls came up with; everyone was told to provide just 3 adjectives to describe what they want to receive this Christmas and Santa would pick what they want to give base on that 3 words! Of course, no names were noted and only revealed tonight~

The most memorable thing tonight; A manager turn to me and asked "So, how many children do you have?"


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Family Christmas Card?

Get ready, for the family is going to send out Christmas cards this year. . .




♫Tis the season to be jolly, lalalalala lalalala♫


Random photo-shoot after our dinner at Hotel Jen. Food was okay, I was mostly there to whack the Durian Pengat which got overkilled by the gula melaka. Really, just eat the fruit.

Also got a pair of freaking expensive shoes for work in the nearby mall - My mum paid for it because she insisted that the shoes would be good for my feet. (Fast-track 2018, I am still wearing that pair of shoes. lol)

Anyway, back to our family Christmas card this year...

The Grinch and Santa-rina~
Both in not so festive clothes.

Another shot with our new fireplace; as if Singapore isn't bloody hot enough.
Santa and wife reunites!

My sister totally judging me for suggesting we hold hands.

Do you want the card? =p

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday's Dinner Date

♥ Earlier this evening, I had dinner at Haji Lane's Vintage Delicafe with Karen, Samantha, Hongyou and Nab! ^^

Monday, December 19, 2016

We Sang Together For Christmas!

Just back from a simple evening with these girls.

For Christmas this year, we sang for 3 hours. Lol. Yeah, pretty much all.. No fancy dinner place or crazy celebration, just some precious time together. Which.. to be honest, is really precious as we grow up with our own lives to manage. Then again... I don't think we really celebrated Christmas together as often anyway. Just checked... Our last major Christmas celebration was in 2014 (read here!). LOL. Wow.... We all look so youthful then, now we're just.... tired. Lol.

The Christmas tree at Ci Yuan's really nice...
&The only thing that connects our night out to Christmas. LOL.

Otherwise, it would have just been another night we went out to sing. hahahaha.

Alrighty.. Goodnight~

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas with Phoenix

Last night was craaaaazzzzy!! First official party with my new company, and I now know what real partying is like. LOL. It was crazy, but really fun and extremely memorable! Embarrassing for some though =X

I also got to try one of the nicest cocktails (shots) ever (called... B54), and even had like.... 5 of that?! It didn't taste awful and was so easy to gulp it down in one shot that I went crazy, entering into a rather intoxicated state. Intense, but a good kindda intense. HEHE. Of course, I wasn't drunk.. Just high. Very high. Happy high.


It was insanely crowded and only fun when I was high. LOL. When I sober up like.... 30 minutes after entering the club, I was too conscious to do anything fun. :( But I didn't wanna be high a second time the same night, so I end up just watching people dance like no one's watching (Like I did when I was high too, hoping I didn't look clumsy or stupid now) and then later saw some of us entering the disgustingly drunken state (not nice and rather irresponsible).

> One minute of my night~
Just check out the last few snaps.... I think I was already sober? But... hahaha. Looking crazy.

I actually didn't get to take much pictures during the main party itself because a few of us were helping to man the registration table. The venue was rather small for the crowd that was coming in, so I kindda... didn't bother going around mingling. Still isn't close to many people. Sobs.

HPTC's PMO team! ♥

The 3 of us in-charge of registration and door gift distribution.
Is it obvious that we planned to wear denim together? HEHE.
Work won't be as fun without them.

Some other pictures from the main party~

I remember we took a shot with a lot of my project team members, but I have no idea who has it. :( Also, just wanna mention, I wore the red lipstick Weishan gave me(X)!!! A really nice shade of red on me. HEHEHE.

There's our PMO lead behind emcee-ing the night; cannot remember if she was doing the lucky draw already. But she sang too! :) Entertainment was simple last night, someone danced and sing and we had nice food before they started with the lucky draw. Obviously, I won nothing, but I got closer to some colleagues! Good enough.

Favourite Dewa~ ♥

Thankful he was helping with the pictures last night! ^^

Looking forward to more celebrations!!

PS: Some quick thoughts about drunk people...... It was really not a pleasant experience. I mean, everyone is out together to have fun, but we should all know how to be in control? One of us was legit hammered that walking was not possible.. Almost not conscious and just slept at a corner. Kindda spoilt the fun for the rest of us because we had to look after each other? Though, I have to say.... It would be something we'll tease and joke about for a long long time.... Lol. We also saw like, girls in dresses just laying down on the floor. Like.... tsktsk. Seriously disgusted. What's the fun in being dead drunk and having to nurse a hangover the next day? Okay fine, I shall stop nagging like an old lady. It was still a really fun night.