Thursday, December 01, 2016

Stephenie's Birthday!

Today's one of those days we have our regular meeting.
Today's 3 days before our team lead's birthday.
Today's the day I thought "Why not surprise our lead then?"
Today's not special, but we made it so. 🤭

Needless to say, today's a happy day for our lead. HEHE.

Such a coincidence that the birthday girl is the only one in white.

The surprise was made easy because of our regular meeting.
Just had to gather earlier before the meeting's start time and wait for our lead to come in.

My partners in crime!
Every lunch is a fun laughing one. ♥
PS: Super love my new lip color. HEH.

In fact, we're laughing together most of the time. LOL.
Side note: Long hair is really not nice on me man. . .

To more birthdays!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Jiaxuan's Birthday

Fifth-wheeled the 2 couples 2 nights ago to celebrate Jiaxuan's birthday. . . . Lol.

No, the guys were actually a surprise to Jiaxuan. BUT, she's such a smarty pants (refuse to say that we are lousy surprise-rs) that she kindda guessed that something was up our sleeves. Booooo. It's never fun when you have a friend who's too smart (or perhaps, she just thinks too much? lol) and ruins anything we planned. :(

Nonetheless, it was a nice night out together.. Just us. Brought forward Jiaxuan's birthday celebration (by 10 days) because... I AM GOING BANGKOK SOON!!! ^^ Need a break so badly.

Oh yeah, so here's us in Holland Village's Häagen-Dazs for overpriced ice-cream desserts. heh.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Church Wedding

This morning's affair; Attending Simin's solemnisation!

It was a lovely unfamiliar experience - First time attending a Christian wedding in a church! The place was dolled up like what we see in movies and it kindda felt... surreal? Especially when Simin march-ed in looking gorgeous in white like... "This is just like the movies!" lol.

The wedding was relatively short too (which is pretty awesome? lol), after witnessing the couple say their vows (always get to me sobs), we took turns to take pictures with them and headed out the church for lunch - Buffet spread! We had one round, chatted with each other a bit and left.

It was a pity we hardly got to speak to Simin though. Leaving that for another time!

And that was that. =p

I really liked how they organised the photo-taking though. Super organised! They grouped people together and flashed them up on the screens around so people would know; also because people were scattered around the church.

Oh how time flies, felt like it was just last week we had the bachelorette party (X); but okay la... It was last month. Lol.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Dinner with Zylia

Google timeline said we went Switch. . . LOL.

Happy Days At Work

It's late, but I'm still working on my damn minutes because I am so freaking slow and easily distracted to complete them on time........ And now I digress from my main blogging purpose tonight because I got distracted again by my own train of thoughts. -.-


While I was summarizing my meeting notes, making sense of things and trying to minute the discussion in my own words, I suddenly had a thought...

"I've been happy. I've been happy at work. . ."

It's not exactly a random thought flashing tonight. I've been having such quick thoughts lately, but tonight... I just want to pen type out my thoughts because..... You know, this is definitely more interesting than my minutes even if it means I am going to be sleeping later than planned.

SOOOOOO going to be dead at work tomorrow.

And here I am digressing from the main point again. Tsk.
It's been a while since I've done this typing 'diarrhea'... And I miss it. Just nonsense typing whatever comes into my mind because I'm having too much thoughts running around in my head, and... mostly because I'm just bored. Lol! I wish I could quickly complete my blog entries for 2015, get over with all that, and start on current affairs updates!

Anyway, back to the point of this entry. For real.

I've been happy.

It's been almost 6 months since my start at the new place (trust me, it feels like a year have passed), but it's only lately that I've been laughing a lot more at work amidst the mountain load of work. Laughter is a good medicine to stress. A very good medicine. Especially for someone who enjoys laughing like me. HA.HA.HA. Really.. It's good.

All the laughing these days is probably because of this one colleague. She's so fun and easy to talk to, and we're so similar yet different. Birthdays a day different and age 12 years apart. We share so many similar thoughts and such. Lunch time have been a lot more enjoyable; we tease each other so much and just feel... comfortable and relaxed with each other. It's good. I don't think I've felt this much comfort with people I've worked with before.. And so quickly. I think it's just almost one month for this colleague of mine.

This level of comfort. It's scary though, because when you get used to things and like how things are, any form of change could shake things up... Which may not necessarily be a good thing.

On a closing note, because it's really late and I have to get back to my minutes... Ermagawwwd, the minutes. T_T

I really hope this happy phase continues for a longer time....

And I hope one day, I'll be good and quick enough to complete my minutes - For now, I'll just dream of the days I never have to do this damn thing ever. For now. :'(

I really hate taking meeting notes.......... Hate.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Colorpop Lippie from Weishan; 3 colors and I have 2 on my lips now because... why not?
My first matte lipsticks and I'm loving them!!
Also has the first shade of red I think I can pull off. HEH.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Losing My Phone

It's been 3 days since I couldn't find my phone (on Friday). I belatedly start realizing all the inconvenience of my outdated backup late last night when I finally see bleak hope in seeing my phone again...

I still don't think I've lost it. I just can't freaking find it.

How can it be misplaced when I held it in my hand when I walk out the house and enter my fathers' car?! And then, that's it. Within 30 minutes of being in my fathers' car did I realize it's not with me. How can I have misplaced it anywhere else?!

It's so frustrating. Especially so with my outdated backup........ There is going to be a blank in my blog because there'll be pictures I can no longer retrieve!! SOBS.

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Meditation is an interesting activity; How one can feel more relaxed and maybe enlightened after a session of 'mind clearing'.

Meditation, however, is not an easy activity; It is challenging to stay focused on nothing with your eyes closed (without falling asleep) and sometimes too difficult to sit still (for me because cramps pfft).

Random entry about meditation today because I brought Kesslyn and Jiaxuan for a simple session with Full Circle SG yesterday. It wasn't a random decision to go though... Humans are complicated beings. Many happy people are depressed and crippled inside. We just don't see it.. I suppose they are a lot better at hiding these emotions?

Not sure if the session helped at all though. But, it was interesting to see Kesslyn being slightly defensive when the meditation teacher was trying to answer her question and providing her tips on how to focus on meditation. Lol. A different side to the Kesslyn I've known for many years.

Surprisingly, I thought the session was relaxing, didn't even think I could last the session at first - I can never sit in a cross-legged position for a long time without getting cramps. Lol. But we were told to be comfortable and can actually be in any positions we want! Definitely stretched out my legs and laid my back against the wall. HEHE. There were people who laid down too! So... it was rather comfortable and relaxing.

Nice having someone to guide you through too; it's like instead of trying to focus on clearing your mind, you're focused on the gentle voice.  When you only pay attention to that voice, you naturally stop thinking about other things. The session also included a Tibetan singing bowl therapy. First time experiencing it; very very interesting how the sound could be felt throughout the entire body - the vibration!

I suppose I benefited most out of the session yesterday. Relaxed and ready to conquer. I am too lazy to make this a habit though. Haha.