Monday, August 01, 2016

Adult Barbeque!

Yesterday's BBQ gang! :D

A great way to end our week - worthy catch up with ex-colleagues over some delicious barbeque~ So glad the wet weather didn't damp our mood! ^^

Funny title I have, isn't it? I just think barbeque-ing as an adult feels and tastes really different!! It has been a really long time since my last barbeque.... Because it requires quite a bit of effort, with friends from school, we slowly grew lazier. LOL. I am so so glad Shruti led on the preparation for last night. HEHE.

To me, adult barbeque also means way better food! All we used to have were hotdogs, chicken wings, crabsticks, mushroom & cheese......... The more cheap food. But as we grow up with better spending power, we get sausages(franks), chicken thighs and maybe someday.. steak! There was once, we had crayfish courtesy to our friends' father. So good. Not that crabsticks and mushroom & cheese aren't good - I still suggested that for last night. HEH. But the quality of meat is definitely more atas now.

Our dinner ended with a Blueberry Cheesecake courtesy of Herly!!

Shruti got me this top and I instantly changed into it. HEHE.
Super glad it fits!

So many of us here, and only 2 more left in Maybank. :P
I'm glad the friendship remained!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

July's Snapshot!

After our weekly Muay Thai session! HEH.

Sugar and her friend, Chilli.

Snapchat filters are such great entertainments

Thursday, July 28, 2016


I conclude that the entire class must have not liked me. I had plenty of good memories there and then, but I'm sad none of the friendship lasted. None. How come?! How can?? Why? They went on with their lives, they remember each other, but I'm never included. Never. I'm no longer sad or affected, but now I know... That should be it. That must be it. If not, what else could justify their constant exclusion? Even for major milestones of their lives… Especially for major milestones of their lives.

What puzzled me most is, why was this person who weren't even close back in school invited and not me? I mean… I was definitely closer to her than this person who got invited?? Lol. Or so I thought.

I say it doesn’t affect me anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally think about these. :(


Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It's only Wednesday?! Owwww..

How can everyday pass so quickly but the week goes by so slowly?
Doesn't make sense!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

A 'Broadway' Saturday

It was an afternoon filled with music and laughter together with our Broadway Beng. I didn't knew Sebastian was actually on Broadway before... Always thought it was just a stage name because he's that good. Lol. Can't deny that he is though! Before I knew he was on Broadway before, I had always been awed by his vocal range and his stage presence... It's even more amazing when he breaks into his Hokkien songs and make us all laugh.

&Today, we attended his 10th anniversary concert. So fun! So entertaining. (: Also very impressed that it's his 10th year being Broadway Beng.... Just wow.

I never understood why plenty of us always put down local talents... We have really good talents in Singapore!! We are our worst critics maybe... But I know people who don't even give ourselves a chance to prove themselves otherwise..... 


We also had a really good meal after the show.... Indonesian fusion. Ate so much I thought my tummy was going to burst! Unfortunately, fast forward to 2018 today, the restaurant is no longer in operation. :(

It was also the family's first time exploring Capitol Piazza... Looks rather grand inside, but we didn't exactly spent much time exploring the place. :X

To more shows together! :)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

2 Days of 美女们~

The past 2 days has been very well spent with my girl-friends and all we did was........... E A T.
Comfort faces with comforting food. Lol.

Fridays, being the last work day, are always great... but yesterday was the best so far because I met Weishan and Karena!!! Really need some comfort faces after a long ass week of work. :(

Weishan was nearby for work and we met for some Ramen!

Really refreshing to meet someone out of work for lunch. It's like...... we don't have to keep something going during the 1.5hours, which can sometimes come off a bit awkward. It's been almost 2 months now, but lunch times are still a bit of a meh. I sometimes would just rather be alone. :X Sigh. I really need to step out.

Fridays also always feel short because I look very forward to 6pm and leaving on the dot. HEHE.

Having my work location along the green line is kindda convenient? I am kindda enjoying the convenience of heading to town, Bugis (I used to hate this place) and to airport! Which was where I headed off to after work yesterday to meeeeeeeeeeet Karena!!!

It was an impromptu decision, much like the lunch date, but unplanned dates are great too!

We had 4Fingers for dinner and settled for some desserts!

We screamed for Icecream!
It had lavender sauce and tasted really flowery and light!

We ended the night cabbing home after shopping around the airport a little. Hahah.

And then today, I met up with Weishan again together with Jolene this time.

Sunday Market cafe for brunch and Nex's H&M for some quick shopping. Lunch was good, but I enjoyed the companion and conversations more than our food. HEHE. We just kept talking about anything and everything. So so so glad to have friends I can count on and am so comfortable to be talking about everything with. ♥

Short sweet afternoon before we parted for our own evening plans and I headed to Waterway Point to meet Kesslyn and Jiaxuan. Boy, is Waterway Point complicated!!!

Settled at Cedele for dinner and chatted the evening away. :)

Also snapchatted. LOL.

Snapchat filters are awesome...........

Now we all know, Kesslyn looks terrible with my face shape!

&That was my 2 days with 美女们! ♥ I need more such weekends to keep me sane and recharged for work!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Family Weekend Out!

It has been a great weekend out with the family. Has been a while since we just hung-out together.
I've becoming to love staying at home a little too much. ~~
Going out also mean 💸💸💸 Man, what has adulthood turn me into!!!

Anyway, before seeing Haniza off yesterday, the family went to Suntec for a movie. Or rather, 3/4 of the family went for a movie.

Dad and his hot drink because he's such a weakling in the cold. :p

"Ghostbusters" with Dad and Sister.
Mother would much rather go shopping than sit in the theater for the movie together. BOO~ Her loss.

I've always liked the Ghostbusters song! "Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!"
Cannot remember if I have ever watched the movie or series though; probably when I was a kid? Lol.

2016's "Ghostbusters" was good. Entertaining, very funny, and I love Melissa McCarthy! Also like how it's a group of lady ghostbusters too; GO GIRL POWER! Lol.

Off to the airport for me after the movie!

Slept super late, but woke up for a great Sunday out nonetheless.

Us @ Sentosa.

It's 2018 now (LOL) and I really cannot remember why we suddenly decide to check out the Aquarium. Not really something the family does together... We're more of a shopping and eating family. But anyhow!

That must have been my............. 4th time already!!! And third time that very same year.

First time with BI0802 friends.
Second time for NPCONCC's 6th Anniversary.
Third time for my birthday.

Insane, right?

Despite being my 4th time, I still enjoyed the visit. How easily entertained am I! Lol.

To be fair, I've been to the Aquarium with so many different crowd, each experience was different anyway.

I should totally come up with a tag just for the aquarium though, right? Lol.


A N Y W A Y~

I believe it was the family's first time there.. Despite so, it wasn't a very long visit. As usual.
Any trip with the family is always always shorter than it should be. Parents are lazy af. :X

Us infront of the hugeass tank with fishes going round and round.

I remember losing sight of the parents after an hour or 2, and continuing the aquarium with my sister. Guess where the parents were? Seated at the restaurant munching on fries. TSK.

Then we headed off to Putien for dinner.

Snapchat filters had us laughing till our tummy hurt!!
Dad would look super cute with hudeass eyes though. Hahaha.