Monday, January 11, 2016

KL Again!

KL again with the family! ❤️
KL again in less than a month. ✌️
All in time to get new clothes for Chinese New Year. Heh.

Rode 4 hours in a private 7-seater car and finally reached our apartment!! Located right beside, one of our favourite malls, Mid-Valey. It's so huge that we don't need to go anywhere else to get everything we want. :)


Grandma and her helper was with us this time too.

Always love staying in an apartment because of the common living area you get, to hangout with whoever you're travelling with, while still having your own bedroom. Like.... you don't have to go to the other person's room to chill and stuff, just hey! living room.

There'll be a spacious kitchen too! Not that we ever use this in KL.

Our bedroom shared with grandma and her helper.

Washed up and headed out to shop shop shop! ^^

Had to get these again!! A good break from our shopping.

And that was day 1. Shopped and ate well before heading back to our room and this night, sister and I went to sing karaoke!
It's so much more afforable there! Sigh, all the prices increasing here now.

This is at 3am and was kindda creepy when we were heading back to our apartment.

Mother's birthday was the day and we got her a strawberry tart the next day!
Mainly because I wanted to try it. :X Lol.

Second celebration after the one we had in December~

So sweet right?
Cake from the helpers; Explains why 'Aunty Leong Viny'. I never understood why my mother had to use 'Viny' for her facebook/email account. LOL.

♥ Are you team red or team blue? Lol.

My parents are like as if they are 'Benjamin Button', looking younger as they age. I wish it'll be the same for me too! Though I think I have an old-looking face since I was 16 and hasn't changed. Lol.

&Back to our KL trip!

Second day of shopping!
This is us in a changing room. :)

&Had dinner with family in Malaysia. :)

In-charge of the baby that evening too...
And was so happy that I got my new pair of Skechers. One I have been eyeing. HEH. I'd wanted the grey and turqoise one, but Malaysia didn't have it. T_T But oh well, at least it is cheaper than getting it in Singapore. :X

A homemade durian cake our relatives prepared for le mother.
Third cake this year, YAY for me. :X

This was SO good! There was so much of durian flesh! I had to have 2 servings of it!
Mother got them to bring the remaining home though. HMPF!
And our apartment had the lingering durian smell. Mm mm..... ♥

My shopping haul this time!
YAY to more clothes~
A lot cheaper in Malaysia too! Since it's a Malaysia brand. I think most of them are half the price of what is sold in Singapore. Pretty insane...

&I'm done here.

It was a good break from work, though December was a very chill period in office; As long as you get to not work for a few days, vacations are awesome! :p

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Wide Awake

It is 04:29am right now; I should be sound asleep like everyone else in the room, but I am wide awake.

Too wide awake.

I know it is bad for health to be up till this late, it's extremely harmful for my eyes too, but I can't help it today.

My eyes are feeling tired... So tired..

I've tried putting myself to sleep, but only managed to silently toss and turn on the bed for 2 hours while listening to everyone sleep. My brain is too active right now, and she's not allowing sleep to happen. At all. :( I had many random thoughts within that 2 hours, and made many plans about life which I won't be following through when I wake up tomorrow. Lol.

Unsure if it's because of that brief nap I took earlier today that's causing this... :/

Anyway!! I could continue try staying in bed motionless to coax my mind to sleep, but someone in the room is feeling very hungry and I can hear it between snores. Lol.

My guess who?
I think it's grandma.. :X

It was rumbling so loudly, so many times, that it made me hungry too......... So, yes I am out in the living room because I am feeling hungry and too awake to sleep. Munching on a slice of bread while typing my thoughts now. Heh.

I'm not giving up on sleep though! While answering to my hunger and clearing my train of thoughts, I am also streaming some creepy, soothing, calming and therapeutic songs from Spotify's 'Deep Sleep' playlist...


It's been 35 minutes, and clearly, these music aren't helping...........

Oh wait. Am I suppose to be listening to them while laying in bed and eyes closed?

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Afternoon I Saw Elvin Ng






Today is also the day I have to officially acknowledge that I am a retard. Lol. I am a retard who is unable to think on her feet and react to situation quickly. My brain is not fast enough and it takes too bloody long to process some things. 😅

Reminds me of the time I was holding on a bowl of cup noodles and accidentally spilled it all over me when I sat down on the sofa. Guess what was my first reaction? Error 404: NOT FOUND! I literally just sat there looking at my sister not realizing that the hot soup was burning my butt! Needless to say, one side of my butt was indeed quite burnt.... There were blisters and yeah..

Wait, how did we come to this butt story again..............?

This is he, by the way. ♥
I think he looks way more handsome in real life, and omg, his smile~

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Lunch With Chiulee!

Our mudpie!

A different lunch today, I met up with Chiulee for a nice meal at O' Coffee Club.

Quick catchup during the hour as she filled me up with her new experience in camp! So happy she's doing something she wants and enjoys. It is.. somewhat rare? To know what you want and actually do what you enjoy.

I hope I find something soon too.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Starting 2016 With Fireworks!

IT IS 2016 !!!

Can't remember when was the last time I watched fireworks for countdown, but last night was pretty................ crowded. LOL.

Spent the last bits of 2015 with Jolene, Haniza and Chiulee.

What a different combo?

But it was nice. Different can sometimes be refreshing. It was also the first time Haniza saw a different side of me... Or so she said. Hahaha. I am a lot crazier and lame with the clique. Haniza kindda makes me more toned down. I never knew.. Until last night. Lol. Fun fact about myself to end a great year. ;)

This is us outside *Scape. Last few shots together~

Met up in town and had dinner at a Thai fusion restaurant in Orchard Central; Som Tam X. Dinner started out a little awkward. Food was good, I'm not that big a fan of Thai cuisine, but the food was good. Obviously cannot remember what we'd ordered. But I know we had a variety of items to share.. There was salad! Pardon the memory, girl here blogging this in 2017. :X

Back to the awkwardness. Though Chiulee knows Haniza beforehand (thanks to a coincidental diving trip!), and though all my friends pretty much know all my friends (just.. who they are, not anything beyond that), it was still a little... weird at first. But nothing time cannot change!

The shot with Jolene in the middle....... I have no idea why, but it looks as if Chiulee and I were taking a shot with a celebrity? Lol.

There weren't much to do after dinner so we just roamed around the mall, around town and waited for time to pass. Chiulee left early because... I can't remember why, but she left early. So it was just Jolene, Haniza and myself, for the rest of the year and the start of the year. ;)

Headed down to Marina Bay Sands when time was near and found an.... okay spot for fireworks viewing.

It was a beautiful sight, seeing the sky light-up as the clock ticks off to the new year... Somehow feels like it is signifying that the year would be beautiful too.... It's important how something ends, but it's also as important how something starts! 2015 was a really good year. Simple start, very fulfilling journey and a great end. A lot of fun. And I hope, 2016 would be the same... If not better.

I would want especially, to become a better person this year. :)

&to remain close knitted with some of the best people in my life~ ♥

One of the better shots I took. It was so smokey!

Us among the crazy crowd..

It was nice watching the fireworks, but the squeezing with people was not so fun.
Singapore is a terrible place for any sight-seeing. SO HUMID!

When the crowd slowly dispersed. We just stayed there....
Continued to absorbed the energy of the new year...

I always say this, but I have to repeat it again: It's amazing how the year just changes in a split second. First you're in 2015, and once that second hand needle on the clock go pass midnight... poof! It's 2016.

&here, I'm done!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

My 2015.

I thought about it for a while...
With all the pictures gone now, should I still do up a highlight entry of the year?

I have no meaningful entries to link them for recap anymore~
No pictures, just words.. Would I still read them years later?


2015 had been one of the best years. 4 trips within 365 days...
I never thought it was possible with just 12 Annual Leaves for the contract term.

Managed to do it anyway.
Financially crippled, but my happiness bucket is filled to the brim.
Not sure if I can still do this ever, so... I thought it'll be good to just do a quick entry about 2015 anyway.

Thanks to the 4 trips, I pretty much don't remember any single bad episodes.
All I can think of is the 4 trips I took. LOL.
Good way to numb memories, aye?

Just did a quick read through my year..
Whoa... My year was a lot more than what I remember. A WHOLE LOT MORE! hahha.
There were many many many other good moments. (:
(This entry ain't gonna be a quick one anymore. Heh.)

Started the year simple with Azman sisters.

&Here's my first trip of the year: KL!!!

Many more precious family time with the family.
This was when we brought Sugar to the beach!

And here's with my favourite people. Our first dinner of the year.
We'd planned to meet every 2 weeks. HA HA HA.
So did not happen. But I still love them the same! ♥

With my first Hungarian friend, visiting Gardens By The Bay.
Singapore is gorgeous!

Then there was the Goat Year.

I also turned 24 with many beautiful people in my life.
This is the only shot with a cake~ And I like having cakes for birthdays!
Good to remember, Haniza brought me to a super atas place (read here!). And,,, I wasn't that well dressed for it. :X

Haniza and I fast-forwarded to Halloween (October) themed Zumba!
We also signed up for Amore this year and meeting so more often! ♥

I got lazy to sort the photos, so they are in no order whatsoever!

First few lucky people to get a ride. This is them coming to my office to pick me up for lunch.
So much love.

The day we went for Rock Climbing!
I was super happy I managed to climb up 1/3 of it!

&This is my 3rd trip of the year.
There's plenty of great shots taken, but I didn't wanna clog up the entry since it's just one place anyway. :X
First trip with Haniza! And hopefully to many more. HEH.

Singapore turned 50 this year too! It was a fun show.

*inserts random selfie with Sugar*

hehe. Guess who!
Another highlight of the year: These wonderful people are still in life. ♥

2015 - The year I made my first vote!

Here's Haniza and I during an intermission.

I really went through all my blog entries this year..... Apart from the 4 trips I managed to pull off, I also went for TOO MANY shows!!!

EIGHT OF THEM! Musical, Theatre Shows, Comedic Shows and a Ballet!
What the heck! Had too much fun this year...

Which 8 shows, you ask? *Not in order*
Beauty & The Beast Musical
Singing in the Rain Musical
The LKY Musical
Dim Sum Dollies Comedic Show
Crazy Christmas Comedic Show
Chinglish Theatre Show
Hello, Goodby Threatre Show
Sleeping Beauty Ballet - In Perth

INSANE, ain't it?!
That's at least a good $800...................... Lol.

Anyhow, good times. And my favourite musical of the year.....

Has to be The LKY Musical.
Another episode of 2015 was the passing of LKY. :/
ps: I am blogging from 2017, and I can't believe it's already been 2 years! Time really flies.

I picked this musical as my favourite this year, because it totally blew our socks off. My first time watching Adrian Pang, and he did a brilliant job! Am also in love with the second lead. Can't remember his name, but fwah!

It was also when I got to know more about LKY's story. A little bit insight to history.

After this musical, I would say Singing in the Rain comes in second. It was so fun and light hearted. As for Beauty & the Beast, it was simply magical and nostalgic for me. :')

Got to know new friends from Beauty & The Beast Musical too!

After the LKY musical, I got really interested in Pangdemonium and went for my first show! "Chinglish". It was very entertaining and now I have gotten his 2016 seasonal pass! Heh.

Too much words for a highlight post. I am moving on~

The random day I received a bouquet of flowers!
(Not the 2 girls beside me)
It was so, nicely done by 梅花. Very first bouquet received ever! ♥

&Here, is a full series of pictures from my cruise trip.
A full series for this trip because... we were at 5 different locations!

Vietname's Nha Trang!

Taiwan's Taipei

Japan's Nagasaki

Japan's Tokyo

No pictures when we were in Hong Kong because all we did was shop! :X So yesss.... Though it was just 4 vacations this year, I can say I managed to step foot on 8 different countries! Muahahha.

The day we saw a 大美女 in the airport.



Meeting Mdm Ong and the guys after many years.
That's the last time since then too. LOL. Haven't seen the guys or Mdm Ong.

&Then Christmas~

With colleagues,

and my bestfriends!

Last trip of the year............... KL!
A different combination~ hehe.


&That was my 2015 in a hugeass nutshell. It has been a great year!
Not many upsetting episodes other than some angst posts. LOL.

I also blacked out twice this year when I saw my own blood. A sign to take better care of myself now! (Read here hahahaha)

2016, I am ready for you!

2015 has been great and I'm keeping the memories. Aside from having as many great moments in the new year, I hope for better career improvements in 2016 too!