Monday, July 18, 2016

Raya @ Nab's

Yesterday evening @ Nab's cozy crib~

It's Hari Raya and Nab invited a few of us to her house to gather and enjoy some good food! Was out with the family in the afternoon visiting the Aquarium (read here) and we went to visit my grandma thereafter. Coincidently, Nab's place is just 2 blocks away from my uncles' place!!! Dropped by Nab's place for a while to catchup a little with everyone before we headed back home. HEHE. Always nice to just sit around, snack and chat.

I believe this is just my second time doing a Hari Raya visit, despite being friends with Haniza for so so so many years! X: It's always awkward for me so I kindda always declined Haniza's invitation to her house.... To a point, I think she just stop asking me. LOLOL.

But tonight was nice with all the familiar faces I haven't seen for a bit. Just a bit because the last time was just 2 nights ago (@The Lab). LOL! Toodles.

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