Sunday, July 17, 2016

Family Weekend Out!

It has been a great weekend out with the family. Has been a while since we just hung-out together.
I've becoming to love staying at home a little too much. ~~
Going out also mean 💸💸💸 Man, what has adulthood turn me into!!!

Anyway, before seeing Haniza off yesterday, the family went to Suntec for a movie. Or rather, 3/4 of the family went for a movie.

Dad and his hot drink because he's such a weakling in the cold. :p

"Ghostbusters" with Dad and Sister.
Mother would much rather go shopping than sit in the theater for the movie together. BOO~ Her loss.

I've always liked the Ghostbusters song! "Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!"
Cannot remember if I have ever watched the movie or series though; probably when I was a kid? Lol.

2016's "Ghostbusters" was good. Entertaining, very funny, and I love Melissa McCarthy! Also like how it's a group of lady ghostbusters too; GO GIRL POWER! Lol.

Off to the airport for me after the movie!

Slept super late, but woke up for a great Sunday out nonetheless.

Us @ Sentosa.

It's 2018 now (LOL) and I really cannot remember why we suddenly decide to check out the Aquarium. Not really something the family does together... We're more of a shopping and eating family. But anyhow!

That must have been my............. 4th time already!!! And third time that very same year.

First time with BI0802 friends.
Second time for NPCONCC's 6th Anniversary.
Third time for my birthday.

Insane, right?

Despite being my 4th time, I still enjoyed the visit. How easily entertained am I! Lol.

To be fair, I've been to the Aquarium with so many different crowd, each experience was different anyway.

I should totally come up with a tag just for the aquarium though, right? Lol.


A N Y W A Y~

I believe it was the family's first time there.. Despite so, it wasn't a very long visit. As usual.
Any trip with the family is always always shorter than it should be. Parents are lazy af. :X

Us infront of the hugeass tank with fishes going round and round.

I remember losing sight of the parents after an hour or 2, and continuing the aquarium with my sister. Guess where the parents were? Seated at the restaurant munching on fries. TSK.

Then we headed off to Putien for a quick dinner before visiting my grandma at my uncles' place. I also went over to Nab's place for a short Hari Raya gathering (pictures here). HEHE.

Snapchat filters had us laughing till our tummy hurt!!
Dad would look super cute with hudeass eyes though. Hahaha.

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