Sunday, August 24, 2014


Feeling this overwhelming sense of self-doubt tonight, and I don't like any one bit of it.

Making mistakes is inevitable.
Making mistakes is a way to learn, to grow.
Making mistakes is common.
Making mistakes is not embarrassing.
Making mistakes is something we can afford to do now. In our twenties.

All is fine, all is true to some extent. But, making mistakes can also cause a negative impact on our well-being.

I've been making a lot of mistakes lately. This month. I feel a different emotion everytime I make a mistake.

I feel frustrated. I feel silly. I feel exasperated. I feel useless. I feel upset. I feel embarrassed. I feel stupid.

I thought I was coping fine with making mistakes...... Well, I was. Until, tonight.

This overwhelming sense of self-doubt.

I'm pondering what the hell am I doing. What the hell am I good at. Why the hell am I so clueless. Why the hell am I so lack of alertness.

I've never felt so.... bad about myself before. So useless. So awful. And I don't like feeling this way. At all.


“It’s everyone’s first time in this life, so it’s inevitable that we aren’t perfect, and that’s why we are pitiable, and that’s why we can make some mistakes…”

- It's Okay, That's Love, X

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