Sunday, August 31, 2014

August's Snapshots!

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(yes, not drawn by me. My sis did this! Cute hor?)

My usual monthly snapshots~~~ This month, however, I took more selfies than anything. :X Work has made it impossible to hang out with Sugar as often :( and now more often, I get bored or vain easily... xD

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One fine Morning at Raffles Place.

Went down to our office in town to settle some logistics that morning. IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! Got a chance to witness a totally different culture! Same organisation, and yet such a drastic difference exist. I LOVEEEEE IT THERE!! The office in town may be a lot more fast paced, but I love how people are generally a lot more friendlier! Almost everyone wore a smile on their face. :) I also love their office arrangement and work desk better. Privacy. :X Then again, the work I do needs no privacy.... In fact, I have to keep consulting my supervisor for lotsa stuff. :/

Oh oh! My supervisor also brought me around to see the meeting rooms for the private wealth clients. WHAT THE SHIIIIITT!! The rooms are gorgeously furnished with a damn awesome view of Marina! I am freaking jealous of every single one who works in that building. CAN TRAVEL SOLELY BY MRT TOO!!! :(

Hopefully, I'll get the chance to work there someday. :3

 photo 20140820_075616_zpse6bcb3b7.jpg  photo 20140826_075909_zpsae61ac84.jpg  photo 20140829_215113_zps33085f0b.jpg  photo 20140826_075915_zpsac9f5a36.jpg
Selfies!!! So... turns out I didn't take that many anywayz. Lol.
I love how my phone's front camera beautifies the pictures and make me look slimmer. So unreal. LOL.

 photo 20140828_180010_zpsa12968e6.jpg
Evening tea with my supervisor!!
She's always treating me to good food. ♥
This is us sharing a drink and a cake after we self-proclaim an early end to work!!! :D Meeting ended at 5:30pm in town, and we finished work time with these! HEHEHE.

In our defense, we were going through meeting minutes. LOL.

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Quiche! Supervisor ordered this later too~
Just a slice of rich cheese cake and this delicious quiche was dinner that day. HEHE.

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Okay. BYE! :D

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