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SeoulTogether • Nami Island, Petite France & Rail Park

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Our last 3rd day of the trip was slightly more... exciting, physical and further off from Seoul. We were also slightly more... lazy? Lol.

After arriving at Gapyeong station (가평역), which was about 100 minutes from our apartment, we didn't bother to figure our way to the Gapyeong Wharf (small jetty, 1km away from Nami Island) and instead took a cab down. HEHE.

We also cabbed from Gapyeong Wharf to Petite France, then from Petite France to Gangchong Rail Park... Hahaha. Really was slightly lazy that day.

This day was really nice though, a full day of sight-seeing. I LOVE!!! hehe. Walked around very leisurely and took plenty of nice pictures! We then ended the night with our Korean comfort food and prepared a simple surprise for our guest that night!!

Waking up to these faces every morning became a very blessed thing.

A snippet of our video while waiting for the train.
Wanted to catch the speed of the train, but it was S-L-O-W. Lol.

Have you watched the video? HEHE.

Jolene and her Korean parents. LOL.
Things your bestfriends teases you with~

After over an hour of travelling; WE ARE HERE!!

Here in no time! :p
Cannot remember how much was the cab fare, but we did reach within... 10 minutes?

There are other ways to travel here like take their public bus or the shuttle bus to go around (includes stop at Petite France too! Not that we took it. lol.)


There are 2 ways to enter Nami Island and one of them was zip line (duh); the other being the most common way, via their ferry. But of course it was a great idea to try something different! And it wasn't that expensive!!

We made an appointment and was JUST in time for it. =X

Super grateful to our very helpful airbnb host because, we managed to book the tickets online!!! YAY to no queueing.

It's so silly how this is a tourist attraction, but the site is only catered for people who can read Korean........ Like, why.....? They want tourists to queue instead? But then again, I don't remember the place being crowded luh.

Quick 5 minutes break before they guide a handful of us up!

So happy only this girl.

Here we are at the top of the tower; Had a quick safety briefing on how to sit on the harness and waited for our turn.

Also took turns to take pictures!
Looks so exciting from the height!! But not that great in real life. :X

Our turn next!

It was exciting for the first few seconds?!

Then the ride was a breeze. HEHEH. Pun intended. Scenic also la, but not that fantastic.

Definitely faster than taking the ferry down though.

Shanshan and her new Taiwanese friend for the ride.

&We arrived at another part of Nami Island!

Spotted this really nice landscape while roaming the island; PICTURE TIME!!!

Shan and I were like; wait, is the camera still shooting?
Jo posing like she's in her own world.

Then we decide to do jumpshots, but Jo is like... in her own world again?!

Finally in sync, but failed jumpshots.

It was around....... 10am when we arrived at Nami Island. Pretty hot to be doing jumpshots, but we did it anyway and sweated like mad! The things girls do for pictures........... Lol.

Checking out our shots....
The background is so nice, isn't it?! I bet it'll look prettier in Autumn! The colors of the trees were already changing!

Solo shots for the gram!

The face when you have great fun with your friends!

Then, we finally moved on.


Hotteok (호떡)!
Korean's sweet pancake with brown sugar!


Got Milk?

We were really blessed with great weather that day, perfect for strolling and breathing in the fresh air!

Found another nice place for photos!

&ANOTHER spit for photos again!

&That was our Nami Island exploration!

We exited the island via the common (and I think only way) method; their ferry! Was famished by the time we were out and checked out the nearest cafe!

Food was okay.. Not the best, but okay.

We were pretty drained after being out in the sun so we decide to cab down to Petite France! :p Got the budget to splurge a bit this day. Lol.

Going up to something that has nothing. LOL.

When your friends take pictures and you're the bag hanger :(

True friends be like; We squat for nice solo shots!


Last shot because a bee was flying around Lol.

So, Petite France........... It was pretty underwhelming? The place is colourful, yes... But it isn't as.. majestic as I remember seeing on Running Man? It looked so cool in one of the Running Man episodes!! But to be fair, the colours of the buildings were very vibrant and could be pretty uplifting. Still worth a visit if you have time since, it's free too! :p

I believe there were some museums and exhibits too; We only manage to see one. There were also some constructions going on too; maybe not the best time to be there then.

Anywhere you go is good when you have friends with you anyway!

Does this creep you out?

After Petite France, we travelled to the nearby Rail Park! Guess how we went down?

The cab driver thought I was Korean. HE HE HE.
Not sure if it's a good thing though? Maybe I resemblance a Korean before going under the knife? HAHAH. He's not the only one too! Quite a number of Koreans would speak to me in Korean and I'll be like..... ?????? I think older Koreans like fleshier girls? LOL.

&Here we are!

Awkward hold hand pose. WTH was I thinking?!

Our friendship summed in one shot. Lol.
They say in a group of 3, there'll always be one who'll be insulted by the other 2.. Guess who gets bullied the most? Lol.

But me still lurbe them~
We were taking tonnes of pictures because there was still time till our ride. It was a pretty cool experience? Since it's not something we have in Singapore; would not be as scenic if Singapore has it too? We have too many buildings la!

But I would say the ride was a little too short; I was prepared to be dogged from riding it man! LOL.

So after camwhoring, we got our tickets checked and headed into a waiting area for everyone else to be admitted for the ride. We were then gathered around the bike area for a brief safety briefing in............. Korean!!!! Lol. These non-English speaking places really last warning.. What if we don't get it, and end up injuring ourselves!!!!

But it was fine. Pretty simple. LOL.

Then, we were brought to the start of the line to pick our bikes! There was also individual break checks before we continue our journey~ I think the total ride was less than 30 minutes?

Super green, super nice!

Riding for the tteobokki we were going to eat!

After all these scenic views, we rode into the famous tunnels with romantic and Psy's music. Those were fun too... Would be nice to do it with a partner ♥

&After 30 minutes~~~~~ There was a pit stop. I actually thought it was just a mid-point? But nuuuuuuu, that was the end to our ride. MEH!

But it's okay, we EAT EAT EAT!!

Our train ride back after fuelling up with some food.

So... we actually didn't know where we were alighted? Lol. Couldn't figure our way back too, so all we did was follow the crowd and took a shuttle bus to some station... The train station look so vintage!

So old school!

& Our train back, Jolene and I were both shagged.

Finally got back to our area around..... 7ish? Or maybe 8pm. It was pretty late and we wanted to prepare a surprise for our guest that night: Jolene's sister! It was her birthday the next day so we went separate ways to prepare something simple. Shan and I hunted for a cake while Jolene's mission was to buy dinner back with her sister.

I can actually eat a lot more leh. Lol.

&The cake for the birthday girl!


And the night ended on a warm note.

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