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SeoulTogether • EverLand


Fifth day in Seoul • This is probably the simplest and least wordy entry of our trip because we were literally in Everland the whole day; exploring the park, riding the coasters and catching all the different shows (so, nothing much for me to go on about hehehee).

Up and ready before 7am because we wanted to board the first shuttle bus (pre-booked) to Everland! This is not our earliest day though~

Despite being ready so early, we still had to run about... a quarter of the distance to the pickup point. Not because we were late, but because we forgot the shuttle bus confirmation slip and had to go back to the apartment mid-way. LOL. Would have been just in time if we didn't forget that. But meh, made the trip slightly more memorable! :p

The shuttle bus alighted us at this common gathering(?) area where we had to board another bus into either Everland or Caribbean Bay. The latter for another day, another entry~ I actually thought they'll just drop us straight at the amusement park, but I guess this helps to manage the crowd? I remember alighting straight at the entrance with our tour back in 2014 though.

(What did I say about this entry being the least wordy!? Damn.)

Jolene's sad face because T-Express was closed.
How lucky, it's closed just on the week that we were there!!!! Lol.

Okay, now I really leave you to photos taken at the park!

Things we do; try on the headgears and not buy any! :p

First ride of the day!
It's either I'm growing out of these thrill rides, or Korea's Viking Ship has no kick.
This ride, I recalled to be the scariest type of ride for me, was manageable!

I am 1.51m, no problem! :p

And we moved on to camwhore around the park. It was pretty early, so the park was still empty. Feels great just roaming around with no crowd! We didn't ride much too; so not that many queues. HEHE.

Disappointed Jo decides to munch her sadness away. hehe.

nom nom nom.

Another part of the park!
Gorgeous blooms!

Stupid things we make our friends do #2. Lol.

Here's me taking a video tour for my family~ Lol.

The inside of the hude-ass inverted cone!

I love how Everland is so huge with so many things to see and do; there's the zoo area, the rides and this garden! There were so many roses, everywhere looked gorgeous! One ticket for a full experience; so worth it!

Full blown.

Liked this the most! Nature at its best.
See the gradient from yellow to pink.

Literally right there where we were, but not up for ride...

So we took Thomas the train around the park instead.
Big bummer. Lol.

Looking fine here, but actually.............

Knees hurting from the mist!!
Not sure if you can see the tiny red patch on my knee; it was from the dynamic race the day before (read here!)~ 

Life's not always pretty you know. Lol.

Sad Jo is still sad.

Mild rides~

&Here we explore their Zootopia!

It's pretty amazing what they have in Zootopia; you'd expected just a small area with random animals? But nooooo, Korea goes all out. They have animals for you to ride on, petting animals for you to.. uh, pet? and legit huge animals like the lion, giraffe and elephants to view! There's also huge bears!

Even the benches are made so appropriate in that area!

The blue birds, 蓝鸟~

I like how this shot came out. :D

Cute boyboy and birds!
Not really the kind to buy feeds for the animals, but.............

I did it anyway~ LOL. Do it for the gram, they say.

And since so~ HERE ARE ALL MY SHOTS (3 more only la)!
Some turn out pretty amazing. hahaha.

A bird flying over~

This one is cool too!

This too...

We also took a video and caught 2 birds fighting! You don't really feel them pecking, which was quite a surprise for me? I thought you'll feel them poking at your hand hahaha.

Thirst quenchers to save us from the hot day!

Camels and donkeys to ride on!

Zoos where got such things! &Yeah, chicks or ducklings behind.

Moving on to the Zootopia rides!

There's 2! One that is just on land, and another that would change from a bus into a boat! Super cool. Jolene's sister didn't know there was 2 and only went for one. SO WASTED! The one that goes into water brings you closer to the elephants!

Unfortunately, the bus tour guides only speak Korean. Meh... There were many Koreans in the park! It's like... they only focus on domestic tourists? :(

Now, animals!

So pretty!


Animals all really behave similarly, right?
Sugar sleeps with her hind legs open some times too!

Second time visiting EverLand, but still in awe!

What is an amusement park visit without checking out their gift shop!

More thirst quencher and icecream!

Korea's summer is hot... But chilly. Not really like out heat here... We sweat so much, it's gross.

Our second ride, with a cute baby!

As you can see, this doesn't have windows! Makes it feel like you're even closer to the animals~ You'll see a giraffe up close too! Like, can even feed it!

Elephant pooooooooooooooooooo

Want some giraffe tongue up your face?! Lol.

Moved on to their panda exhibit!

Extremely sweet plums from a cute little girl.

She just so randomly came to us with the fruit! SO CUTE.


But from this chart, I look like I'm 1.55m? YESSSSSS.

Bought this random snack. Peanut buttered roast squid.
Weirdly nice! But not hot enough. Meh. And very..... chewy.

Our snack + Jolene's new toy (totally judging her! Lol.)

Paiseh still buy! Lol.
But the real animal looks really cute!

Their water show to cool off their visitors!

&We luge up!

Cannot ride T-Express? WE SELFIE THEN!

Told you I was judging her! :p
Brought such a small bag also! Cannot keep it anywhere!

&That was our day at EverLand!

Though I have been here twice and pretty much combed the park already, I still enjoyed my time there! Maybe it's because I was with different people? So it felt different. I remember the first time it was the end of winter too; TOO FREAKING COLD! I had freezing hands. I didn't even get to ride or enjoy as much too. Extreme much, first time too cold second time hot. Lol.

So we exited the park and continued our night at Hongdae! Duh.
Our area is the best. ♥

Walked past this really cool place. But no idea what is it. Lol.

Eat anything in Korea and you can never enjoy the ones in Singapore anymore!

Army Stew is the simplest dish ever; BUT IT TASTE SO FREAKING GOOD THERE! The heck.

Okay. Am done.


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