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SeoulTogether • Caribbean Bay & Last Day

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So.......... They say all things inevitably come to an end. :( While I was sad our vacation had ended in 8 days, I am secretly happy right now that this is the last entry. LOL.

(Date check: 12 March 2018. I am back to 1.5 years of backlog. My blog still living well in my past when I've moved on to many other vacations (and life) in real life. HAHAH. I really have to get over this quickly.)

ANYWAY, this is also the simplest entry of our trip................ While we had great fun at Caribbean Bay on our second last day, there are almost no pictures or videos from that day at all because WE FORGOT TO BRING ALONG THE GOPRO CAMERA!! To think I actually prepared GoPro for this day. MEH.

I guess it was fate. Higher up telling us that we should make do without worrying about capturing footages and just enjoy ourselves!!! And so we did..............

Easiest and fastest morning too; no makeup FTW!!!

So many people!

There's never a good day to visit a theme park; forever crowded! We were there on a Thursday and there were still plenty of people.. Tourists and locals. Despite the long long queues, I still had a truck load of fun there!

Us before getting wet.

I would say Caribbean Bay was the best place we visited throughout this trip! ^^ So love the crazy high slides; the adrenaline!! As good as roller-coasters less all the bad smell. :X The lazy pool was legit too! The waves go as high as 2m, it is insane! And can get pretty dangerous.

Koreans are a bit weird though. Joey stepped on a ear stud while exiting the lazy pool, and was bleeding quite a bit. I cannot understand....... At a water theme park.... Why is anyone there with accessories!!!!

Apart from wearing accessories, plenty of Korean ladies were also in FULL MAKEUP !??!? I repeat; FULL MAKEUP! And most of them had a lipstick in their waterproof pouch hanging over their necks. Seriously?! Why???? Lol. You're meant to be soaking wet in a water theme park; a full makeup is just going to dirty the pool and potentially make you look worse? People and their priorities.

But I guess, thanks to them queueing for the rides was less boring?

Would love to go Caribbean Bay again and maybe bring along my GoPro this time. Lol. ♥

Us after showering.

The changing and showering area was eye opening too. The 4 of us were the only ones showering with our swimsuits on. Everyone else was so liberal; we were the odd balls. Lol. So not used to seeing nudes around though. Confident nudes. Lol.

&This is all I have from Caribbean Bay. LOL.

After the long day out in the sun, we walked around Hongdae and settled down at a random BBQ restaurant.

So good!

&After the savoury dinner, we had desserts!!
Also here's where Joey left us to join her friends and head back home.

&Here's our last day.
Last time looking at this view. Just buildings, but so nice! Unobstructed.

A super chill day, checking out the last item on our list:

We last came here to shop and have porridge, but haven't explored the school that doesn't even look like a school! So much greenery and buildings in Victorian style! Gorgeous campus.

&Here I am with Issac Toasts for the very last time while the girls shopped.

But this has less corn in the egg. :(

&we're all packed and ready to go home!

Oh.My.God! I am super happy this entry is coming to an end!
Another date check: freaking 31 March 2018. LOL. I really need to get my shit together.

Our attempt to ensure we do not bring home unnecessary weight because it'll waste too much baggage space and the weight allowance we have; 20kg each.

Seriously, A for packing effort, but F for being environmental unfriendly.

Oh, look who's the nicest amongst us to clean the house!
All girls together can be pretty gross........... ALL THE HAIR. Ew.

We got good cleanliness review from our Airbnb hosts; all thanks to my initiative to clean up on our last day. Totally. LOLOL! :p

Last meal. Not so good. But meh; airport.


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