Saturday, July 02, 2016

SeoulTogether • Arrival

Reluctantly back from my most awaited trip this year; To my favourite country, with my favourite friends, Weishan and Jolene! Our first girlfriends trip ever Now using #joweiminfaseoul on Instagram. hehehe.

If only Karena could join us, it would have been perfect! NEXT YEAR!
ps: According to Karena, our hashtag would have been joweiminfaseoulchio if she joined. LOL! Super thick skinned this friend.

Nonetheless, the 3 of us had fun. Lotsa fun!!

We visited various beautiful sights, ate a variety of very good Korean food and took much nice pictures and videos!! We took so many pictures that I've decided not to stress myself and just take my time to sort them out and blog. :P

ps: Taking such a long time that it's already 2018 as I type this entry. HA HA HA. Well, at least I finished the video I've been procrastinating to complete? hurrrr. :X

So here goes... Our flight to Korea and the first night!

Morning selfie to announce my departure from home. Lol.

This was slightly before... 10am? A comfortable wake time for flight. Otherwise, it's always the unearthly hours and I end up not sleeping at all.

First thing on the agenda after meeting (after checking in).........

.........breakfast at MacDonald's!!!

It's like the must-do for me before any flight.


At the boarding gate with a full tum!

After much research for cheaper flights, we got our tickets from Scoot (~$400).
Left Singapore at 12pm before transiting at Taiwan, then arriving in Seoul 8 hours later.

&We're off!

Pit-stop in Taiwan!
It wasn't a long transition; Just an hour enough for us to grab quick bites and stretch our legs.

No Jolene at our seat, or anywhere near, because we purchased tickets separately. 2 with check-in baggages and 1 without. Saved just a little bit of money... Hehe.

BUT! Jo and myself totally busted the baggage weight limit. LOL. We got 20kg for us 3, but with just Jolene and my luggage, we way exceeded the 20. :X SO lucky that the guy at our check-in counter didn't charge us! Pays off to have pretty friends. ;) hahaha.


It was rather late by the time we arrived...... Slightly before 10pm?
Super exhausted, but still very excited!

First thing Jolene and I purchased after settling everything... their famous BANANA MILK!! Oh how I miss it so 🍌🥛

Then, feeling and behaving like zombies, we took the express train to Hongik University Station and walked allllllllll the way to exit 1. Super long walk, but very easy direction to our Airbnb apartment (X); It is just a minute away after exiting the station.

It took us a while to figure out which building our apartment was residing in though; too blinded and tired to know we were right under the building when we contacted our host. Lol.

The lift was also confusing! Each lift was only servicing either odd or even numbered levels. WHY!

Anyway~ 一生一世 哦! Lol.
(The room number means forever in Chinese)

Very clean apartment we got! Spacious and comfortable enough for us to rest 7 nights. ^^

Our host was super nice too.. Apart from being very responsive, she also helped us purchase Zipline tickets to Nami Island without getting the cash from us first!!!
We couldn't buy them online ourselves because the site was in Korean, and only Korean. -.-


Done - Very simple, but clean and sufficient!

After settling down in our apartment and updating our families, we headed out for dinner!

I love Hongdae! The nights don't end early and it's very easy to go around.

Then again, I haven't really been stayed in other areas to make a valid comparison................ First trip was all hotel stays and tour buses~ But now that I'm already familiar with this area, I'll totally just stick to this area. hehe.

So cheap! Just a bowl of ddeokbokki and we were full. But we also had their fishcake skewers.

New one-night friends!
(Actually, it was less than an hour lol)

So while enjoying our food, the 2 girls in the same tent started a conversation with us. I cannot really remember why and how it started.......... But, we conversed a little. Spoke in slightly broken English and Korean to communicate, but it was nice. HEHE.

They also recommended clubs in the area. Pity we didn't check out any though! Boo.

After din-per (dinner + supper lolol), we went convenience store shopping! Our apartment is really well located! Just opposite there's the happening Hongdae with street food stores, plenty of small cart shops, legit shops and convenience store!

We had to do this........ Lol.
One for every morning!

Man, I am missing it so much just looking at them now. Tsk.

&I'm done with our first night~

I'll be back~ But if I take too long to update the next entry, here's the video I made. PARDON THE MUSIC!

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