Sunday, July 12, 2015

June July Babies!

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Last night!
Had a simple 🎂 celebration for our June and July birthday babies.

Lance, Gary and Chiulee!

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Cake being light up secretly because.... IT WAS A SURPRISE!! :D 🎉

After parting with my mother (we went shopping!), I met up with Weishan, Lance and Gary for dinner at Clarke Quay's Ramen Santouku X. Waited for a tiny bit because the place is rather small for its' popularity.. Had dinner and caught up with the dudes before Chiulee finally join us.. It was a Saturday, but this workaholic still went to work.. 👏 And made us wait..... We were done with dinner when she arrived though. :P But our workaholic and Gary paid for the meal, so YAY! Hahaha.

Last night was simple... No afterplans were planned and we didn't know where we can go since most places in Clarke Quay closes early. So after dinner, we decide to travel back near our places to chill.

Ah! Karena... Karena was running late, and could join us very much later. In the end, she decide to pull off some last minute surprise by saying she was stuck at work and couldn't join us for dinner, while preparing a cake for them.

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The surprise was somewhat successful. Somewhat~ Lol. It could have been a good one if Gary wasn't overly suspicious about my phone call with mother/work, and if only I was pulling off a better act. Lol. Woes of having a friend who knows you too well: You can't pull off no lies, no surprises. TSK. Should have asked Karena to call Weishan... But I blame Gary more, for over thinking that we'll actually do something. 想太多! LOL.

At least Lance and Chiulee didn't have a clue! ^^

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June and July babies!

Lance had to leave early (boooooo!), so we did the usual candle blowing, cake cutting and cake eating at Swiss Bake before parting ways. The few of us then spent a few more hours in our nearby MacDonald sharing ghost stories (John mostly) and whatnot!

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I think we first had their cheesecake back in 2012 where Lance got it for Soohou's birthday then (read here!).

ps: I want it for my birthday next year maybe? ;)

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Cheeky Lance looking cheeky

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Group shots courtesy of John! :D

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No idea why we're taking shots with their shop name. Lol. Such a big 'S' for such a short me!

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May all your wishes come true~ ♥

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