Sunday, July 12, 2015

Shopping With Mama

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Went shopping with the mother today and thought I should take a picture to show off in social media. LOL!!

It was a very nice mother-daughter day. Something rare for our family because my Dad is always tagging along and driving us around. My parents are almost inseparable... It's only during work hours, and maybe 20% of the time thereafter, that they are not together.

Actually, I think I've had my more times alone with my father than my mother. :O

My mother is the clingy one, I suppose, and will most of the time want my father to tag along...... Maybe it's for the traveling convenience? Lol. Tsktsk. But! With Dad around, shopping is usually quick (sometimes free heh) with plenty of rest stops. So we end up eating a lot more than exercising from the shopping. Lol.

Today, it was just mother and I. No sister too, and it was really nice. ^^ Took the public transport down town and took our own sweet time looking and buying things. Heh. I've spent a lot today.... I think I have to start eating grass for the rest of the month now. But I'm happy! Empty wallet, but happy me. HEHE. Spent quality time with mama for a few hours before we went our separate ways. Mother went home while I headed out to meet my happypills for dinner.

Okay. Wanted to do a quick update about my day before I concuss for the night.

Update again tomorrow about my night with the clique! ^^

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