Friday, July 10, 2015

Singing In the Rain 🎼


I am very physically drained from classes earlier, but my brain cells are very actively bouncing off among themselves. ><

SO! Here I am, with an aching body and a pair of legs I can no longer feel, to blog about last night!!! About my 'wet' night at Marina Bay Sands xD

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Haniza and I skipped our Weights and Yoga classes yesterday, for a date night! ^^
Dressed up and went for our second musical (read first here!) together...

But first! We had a very satisfying dinner at Coffee Bean Beanstro X. I can't seem to remember if this is my first time there for a meal..... But probably! And, I was very pleasantly surprised!! The food we ordered were all delicious! (Not because I was hungry) Shared a Caesar Salad with Chicken add-on (I love it!), Eggs Benedict and... Fish and Chips!! Haniza ordered a weird tasting tea though.. lol. So sinful for a night we were supposed to be exercising uh! At least there's salad. (; hurrr.

After dinner, we strolled to the Grand Theatre X. Got seated, and enjoyed the musical.

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The musical was very very entertaining...

Before catching the musical, the only thing I knew about "Singing in the Rain" is that first verse of their famous song♫ of the same name:

I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feeling
I'm happy again

But now, I finally know more than just that!

I now know the story, and it's not so much about singing in the rain. Lol.

It goes around how entertainment was transitting from the silent screen to talking pictures (our videos now), and focuses on the leads and the male lead's sidekick. Mostly about the male lead and his sidekick actually... The supporting female lead was so out-of-tuningly funny though! If that actually make sense. Lol. In short, she has a terrible voice, and I'll laugh every time she speaks and especially when she goes out of tune! xD

The singing in the rain part was at the end of act one... Where the male lead walked the female lead home, and was so in love that he thought he should start singing. Kind of lame? Hahahah. But somewhat romantic. There were actual water coming down from the ceiling!

The whole setup for that number was so.... romantic? Lol. It's like... he was so so in love that he's singing, and then there's the rain falling. I don't know... It was just.... visually romantic? I don't know.. I was definitely smiling while watching him dance and sing in the rain. Like I could feel that fuzzy feeling (from being in love) the character must be feeling. Lol. Definitely not a common sight in real life, but it gave me the urge to wanna sing in the rain someday too. Hahahaha.

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The stage!
We were somewhat envious of the audiences in the first row... They get to be splashed with water when the actors dance on the water platform. IT WAS SO COOL!! They were, of course, given raincoats...

I was initially afraid that I'll be bored at some point because it happens when you're not familiar with all the songs of the concert or musical. That's why I had so much fun watching Grease because I could sing along to most songs! We even got a chance to dance along at the end of the musical. Owww. That was one good musical too!

I wasn't bored though. This musical had more than just the usual sing and dance, there were... TAP DANCING!! So interesting and enjoyable! It was so so so thrilling when you see a few people tap dancing together. The sound, the dance movements.... So... enjoyable!

At the end of the musical, everyone came out and they started the raining again. SO FUN when you see an entire group of people dancing in sync, in the rain and splashing water! They were also dancing with this very pretty silver umbrella that has different color inside! If only they were selling them! They were so pretty!

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Moses supposes his toes are roses~

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