Saturday, July 04, 2015

Saturday, Just Like That

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This evening's date!
We were supposed to meet for tea, but everyone was late. &I was the latest. hurrr...

But first! Earlier today was an afternoon out with the family.... Went for chiropractic and headed down to myour long awaited..... DURIAN SESSION!!!

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Lunch @ Balestier's Combat Durian X!
They had this puny sentence up in their stall... Something that went "We're called Combat Durian, because we want you to come back."
Hahahahahaha. Why so cute one.

Sadly, I only eat durians with the family because I don't know any durian fan. :/ And we can't eat too much because my Dad is diabetic. So, I'll always get excited when my mother finally allow us to share some durian. HEH. Had our fill with their durians (the first picture look so nice, isn't it???) before we head down to Chinatown. Did some shopping and got some necessities (aka sanitary napkins) at a cheaper price. LOL!

It was still early for me to meet the girls in Town, so we wandered around and found ourselves in our current to-go optic shop. I wasn't planning on getting a new pair of glasses, but I finally saw one pair that I like! We've been going down for a few times now, but there was no one pair that was to my liking.... So, why wait? MAKE GLASSES!!!

They did their usual eyechecks again... Mehhh. My eye pressure is still relatively high. :/ I'm not sure if it's because I am just so damn afraid of that machine though...... Even though I am very well aware that the air coming out of the machine won't hurt my eyes, I just get so freaked out! End up spending a little more time getting blown in the eye. I tried man-ning up so that I can get it over and done with, but no matter how much I mindfck myself it just don't freaking work. -.- ANYWAY!! I hope I'll be okay........................... :/

SO! I was lucky this time... The shop was able to make my glasses on the spot today. Which was actually why I end up being late to meeting the girls. Waited for my glasses to be done before rushing down to Orchard.

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Camwhored in the lift lobby before finally deciding on our dinner place.....

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Me and my new glasses; the girls helped to choose too! ^^
I'm looking so matchy today... Hair color, my glasses and my top all in a similar color.

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A pity we didn't do much this evening.. Lol. They were dressed so pretty today.
But we had a good dinner. Came home early to be good girls this time. Hahahah.

Dickson also joined us later in the evening for dinner. We had such a good time laughing at Kesslyn when I found out something extremely cute of her when she eats! :p It's interesting how one may think they know everything about another, only to continue learning new things about the person over time.

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