Monday, November 16, 2015

Me, Changed

Change. It's Me This Time.

I'm always going on and on about change for as long as I can remember.... Always wondering how people and relationship can so easily change over time... Wondering why such changes happen and what could have resulted in the gap.

This time, I know.
This time, I am the change. I've changed.

My perception has changed, my responses and emotions have changed. Things build up, and I eventually got tired. So tired, that I don't want to be the same anymore. So tired that I can't be bothered anymore.

I am well aware that I've had enough, and that I'm tired of it all. X But now that I'm looking back, seeing how things were like then and how things have changed over the past few months, I can't help but wish things were back the same... Simpler and less demanding.

I can't revert back though...

I just can't anymore...

After all that has happened and seeing how easy it is for the other to throw me aside for something minor, it just doesn't seem worthy to be crying over it again and again anymore.

Change can happen anytime, even over a short period of time... It has only been a fairly short time together, but over this course, plenty has happened and things are now different. Very different.

Maybe this was how things were like for others. Maybe I made it all too tough for others to continue too...

Change. This time I know.

Maybe, I shouldn't scroll through Instagram at such a late hour next time.

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