Sunday, November 15, 2015

Time of the year: Shopping!

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Comparison of shots taken from Samsung & iPhone.
Don't like how iPhone ones lack in the wide angle department for selfies.. How would shots be nice if it's that closed up..... Especially for people with short hands like mine? LOL. The one above was taken with a Samsung using my short hand, and it captured more content than the one Shan took below. And people say iPhone takes better pictures? :P

 photo IMG-20151115-WA0003.jpg  photo IMG-20151115-WA0005_1.jpg

It just so happened to come off like a comparison, but it isn't - Rhymes leh! Lol.

So anyway! It's the time of the year again~
To be jolly.
To feast.
To celebrate.
To exchange gifts.
To crack your head with thoughts of what to gift.
To burn a hole in your pocket.
&Sometimes, get disappointed with the gifts you get in return. :X
It's time of the year again~

Time flies.. It's so near the end of another 365 days since the start of it.

1.5 months more to go. Oh where have all the time go?

Ah... Exactly 31 days were spent traveling quarter. :X hehe.

2015 has been pretty awesome. More of that later, much later. Can't wait to wrap up the year and see what's in store for me in the next 365 days. Another 4 trips to go?! Bigger hole in my pocket??? But all is well even if I pull out empty pockets from my pants. I am happy. :)

I've digressed far too much, haven't I??? Lol.

It's time of the year again and we went shopping! Obviously couldn't get a gift for the clique with Shan around (we're doing Secret santa this year again! But nope, I didn't pick her). But I managed to pick up some things for workfriends! Hehehe. That is already half done. At this time and age, it's so so so difficult to buy gifts for anyone! People say it's the heart that counts, but really... Everyone of us have what we want now.. Even coming up with a wishlist is tough work. All the shopping malls are exceptionally filled up too! It's like the whole Singapore is out to hunt for things, but everywhere is selling pretty much the same things? Lol.

Anyhow, it was an afternoon well spent with the Spousey! :) Such a meaningless long entry today. hurrrr.

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