Saturday, November 14, 2015


The world is as such.

Most of us are realistic to a certain extent, whether we acknowledge it or not. We judge others to a certain extent too, whether intentionally or not.

Life is as such and reality is cruel.

I unintentionally stared at someone in the bus yesterday, and it triggered some random thoughts. Contradicting thoughts.

One's outlook… Our physical appearance. In a way, it's a presentation... Right? One's presentation of ourselves.

Even though we should live our own life and not care what others think of us, basic care about how we look and present to the world outside should be in place..

Basic care. The perception of 'basic care' differs for people, but mine is simple... Neat and clean. Presentable.

I personally think it's a form of self respect when you take care of yourself, and not come off sloppy and unkempt. To hell with what people think, but still at least look neat?

That's the contradicting part. I can't seem to convince myself that not being bothered about what others think means just living the way you want and not having to maintain a pleasant appearance. But.... it also doesn't mean taking care of oneself is trying to impress outside, right?

So yeah.... The person I was staring at looked a little untidy with her assets not in place, hair a little messed up and her top... a little too worn out. Sigh. I felt so bad to be judging another when I am not that far off better.

But really, especially for us girls... Just a little bit of care would be good?

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