Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ducky How Turns 22! :)

Ah.... I keep procrastinating this update because there were so many pictures to edit and arrange. >< Anyway, it's finally here! After much much procrastination. lol.

Had two birthday celebrations for Yanling this year! With EC classmates on Saturday and a sweet date with just us girls on Monday. ^^

 photo 69b8d59c-aea4-4c68-bb1b-8fb3a1c16dfd_zps261ab793.jpg
Chose this shot because she look so freaking funny with that horrified face, it made me wonder what is it she heard! lol.

But but but, it's also a perfect picture to express the feelings of becoming 22......... lol. Not so much about turning 22 but just the growing up.... It's horrifying! I wanna remain 16 or 18 instead. :( Lol.

Okay, enough whining about aging... T^T

 photo IMG-20130504-WA0004_zpsa722807b.jpg
Here's a pretty picture to make up for that and to start off this entry.

 photo P1120093_zpscb7f205e.jpg
Saturday night with ecclassmates! ^^

 photo 20130504_173405_zpsa7aab664.jpg
But before that, this vainpot came to my place to have her hair tied. lol.

 photo IMG-20130504-WA0003_zps526ebcd2.jpg

 photo IMG-20130504-WA0000_zps605c2363.jpg

 photo IMG-20130504-WA0001_zps2f373e37.jpg

 photo IMG_20130504_181830_zps6231510e.jpg
We were also early, got some refreshments......

 photo 20130504_190224_zps370339bb.jpg
....and went shopping for shoes with Jiaxuan!

Jiaxuan shop shop, we shoot shoot. xD

 photo 2013-05-04-18-54-07_deco_zpsc5482651.jpg

 photo 20130504_185441_zps1f97c6fb.jpg

 photo 20130504_185533_zps868bda01.jpg

 photo 20130504_185924_zps31cb93e7.jpg

 photo 20130504_190002_zps7e5ce6be.jpg

 photo 20130504_190120_zps58156f8d.jpg

 photo P1120016_zps3cd06df9.jpg

Later met up with the rest and walked over to TCC @ International Building~
Probably one of the prettiest outlets! And Kesslyn's such a sucker for pretty things~

 photo P1120015_zps0a59b9f7.jpg

 photo P1120018_zps80af7df6.jpg

 photo P1120071_zps51157d04.jpg
Photographer of the night, our cute BC BC BC!!
Thanks to him, we got quite a number of pictures! Because I'll be too lazy. :x hehehe.
And now, I'm too lazy to caption all. =x

 photo P1120036_zpsad8253b5.jpg

 photo P1120045_zps172fbe17.jpg

 photo P1120074_zpsccbb52af.jpg

 photo P1120091_zpse202fe29.jpg

 photo P1120021_zps75de61da.jpg

 photo P1120044_zpsad29b95e.jpg
&"WHY?????" you may ask?
We were super lucky because Jiaxuan's food had some bug and they were so nice to give us complimentary cakes!
Just nice, we could save on Yanling's birthday cake. hehehe.

 photo P1120028_zps7655c21d.jpg

 photo P1120031_zpsc76d266c.jpg

 photo P1120032_zpscfeefc96.jpg

 photo P1120034_zpsffb3400e.jpg
I won't be able to upload unglam shots if she don't take such pictures right?
So, I'm not guilty! lol.

 photo P1120035_zps1242375f.jpg

 photo P1120041_zps703360ee.jpg

 photo P1120049_zps22958fb5.jpg

 photo P1120052_zpse3282fb6.jpg

 photo P1120064_zpsdbf0c93f.jpg

 photo P1120141_zpsf08bd3e7.jpg
Later went on for some 2 hours Karaoke session!
Quite a huge mistake because it costed us a big bomb. T^T

 photo P1120096_zps3243eb22.jpg

 photo P1120104_zps7ca9597c.jpg

 photo P1120107_zpsa9551531.jpg

 photo P1120124_zps78598822.jpg

 photo P1120128_zpsad54c48f.jpg

 photo P1120114_zps2f21003a.jpg

 photo P1120144_zps562ba7ef.jpg

 photo P1120132_zps07df49d1.jpg

 photo P1120134_zps7f75a09b.jpg

 photo P1120139_zpseae24dbc.jpg

 photo P1120143_zps27d25742.jpg

 photo P1120129_zps2d1714ae.jpg

The night ended with the last train home. :)

 photo P1120094_zps12fec68b.jpg

&Then, the three of us met up again on Monday.
It was Kesslyn's actual birthday and we thought it'll be more special to celebrate then. :3
I also like celebrating birthdays on the actual day. hehe.

 photo P1120159_zps8ca70a76.jpg

 photo P1120152_zps06c1427b.jpg
Random shot because these girls made me wait. *crossarms*

 photo P1120154_zps2c7be74f.jpg

 photo P1120157_zpsf68c106b.jpg

 photo P1120158_zps712c1160.jpg

 photo P1120160_zps57b1c5d7.jpg

 photo 2013-05-06-19-58-41_photo_zpsad206694.jpg

 photo 2013-05-06-19-59-21_photo_zps7d652474.jpg

 photo 2013-05-06-19-59-48_photo_zpsb4a5e46c.jpg

 photo 2013-05-06-20-00-06_photo_zps9aa05692.jpg

 photo 2013-05-06-20-02-22_photo_zps15fafe56.jpg

 photo 2013-05-06-20-02-59_photo_zps616b902a.jpg

 photo 2013-05-06-20-03-21_photo_zps966c50ee.jpg

 photo 2013-05-06-20-03-42_photo_zps6f08b123.jpg

 photo P1120162_zpse77fb1cb.jpg

 photo P1120161_zps196ff34b.jpg

 photo P1120163_zpsb5ef743b.jpg

 photo IMG-20130506-WA0016_zpsedcebe37.jpg

After dinner at Genki Sushi where Kesslyn practically didn't eat ==;
We headed down to Wisma Atria because Kesslyn wanted to try Paris Baguette

 photo P1120164_zpsfbdbe1bc.jpg
Typical Instagrammer~ lol.

 photo P1120165_zps5cb8ac21.jpg
Ha-Ha Family
The name is so cute! When Jiaxuan told me she wanted this, I had her repeat three four times because I thought she was laughing,. LOL.

 photo P1120166_zpsc9918bee.jpg
Oh My Baby Crepe.
Tried it once when I went there the first time, liked it then and still liking it. xD

 photo P1120167_zps1610d042.jpg
Their Tiramisu was nice too!

 photo P1120168_zps3c69df65.jpg
Can't remember what is this but it was also nice!

 photo P1120170_zpse1aa01a9.jpg
First cup of coffee, Latte!
Didn't know I'll like coffee but yeah, I think I'm gonna drink Latte more often now. :3

 photo P1120169_zpsb8843bad.jpg
By the time I was done with the above pictures, this girl was still trying to find the best angle. ==;

 photo P1120171_zps842f42db.jpg
Bored face..............

 photo P1120173_zps0f2dd29e.jpg

 photo P1120174_zps66fdfb3d.jpg

 photo P1120175_zps90fcf9ea.jpg

 photo P1120176_zps6e32e422.jpg

 photo P1120177_zpsbc39d079.jpg

 photo P1120178_zpsda5bdf83.jpg

 photo P1120179_zps18ffcd20.jpg

 photo P1120180_zps813bffd8.jpg

 photo P1120182_zps5f2c70cb.jpg

 photo P1120183_zps8c7a2672.jpg

 photo 2013-05-06-19-58-59_deco_zps7ccb55c4.jpg

 photo IMG-20130507-WA0000_zps6d847260.jpg
The night didn't end until about... 0130?
Headed down to Kesslyn's place to continue chatting because we were too into it to end it so abruptly. lol.

 photo 2013-05-06-20-05-04_photo_zpsc26e721d.jpg

 photo 2013-05-06-20-02-01_photo_zpsfe386a76.jpg

 photo P1120156_zpsd31c8e65.jpg

 photo P1120155_zpsdf45268b.jpg
&That's how my Saturday and Monday went! ^^

Sister's turning 19 in about half an hour, can't wait to go out with her tomorrow! HEHE. ♥