Wednesday, May 08, 2013

After Exams.

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It's been more than two weeks since my last update......

Exams were finally over last Monday!!! Some papers were tough but I guess there's at least one I can get a pass? I'm just really diligent with my prayers these days. :x

And for the past week, I've been pre-occupied with healing my mind. Hur. lol.

Been resting a lot at home, doing chores, exercising, catching up with my shows and occasionally heading out. :D I've been enjoying all my me-time. ^^ &I should get back to my SIMS game soon. xD

Anyway, the day right after my last paper, Emily treated me to a really fantastic (&expensive) dinner at Antoniette! Was there last July and fell in love with their macaroons! All-time favourite! :3

I took pictures of our food but they didn't turn out too nice. :(

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Here's my "Forest Berries" tea, isn't the color pretty???

 photo 942647_10151414427793155_996567535_n_zpsf497268e.jpg
I'm also in love with their Carbonara!!!
It is not the usual pasta type that you'll find! Really different yet surprisingly nice.

Emily had some pasta. She was a bit crazy though. lol. Because she ordered another Main Course.

 photo 295310_10151414427713155_1338003102_n_zps5db22f36.jpg
THIS! Lucky it isn't a huge portion or we'll end up wasting food again.

Surprisingly, Emily finished 95% of her food + the beef this time. hahahah.

This tasted nicer than the last time I tried... Maybe because the red wine was stronger.
I'm glad Emily love it though! Because I remember Zylia wasn't that impressed or happy with it.

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&This was the end to our dinner. hehe.
My days after that were just spent at home until Saturday.... Update again on that in the next entry! :3

ps: I just wanted to blog on this so I'll remember it.