Tuesday, September 10, 2013


As the title suggest, here's a random entry because I feel random! :D

It's been a great weeeeeek! Despite the sour Durian I had on Sunday, the rest of the week was good. ^^ Missed school on Monday and Karena gave a surprise visit! And then................. I can't remember what happened on Tuesday and Wednesday. :/ Probably the usual though.

Anywayz, Thursday was a nice day out with my sister! Went mooncake tasting (well, she did most of the tasting since my taste palette has a low standard xD), bought some mooncakes (the whole family is still talking about Amara Hotel's low sugar mooncakes!!!) and then did a lot of shopping!

Total damage that day was about $300++ and I loaned my sis $400, so.... x,x Broke now. But happy. Lol.

 photo 2013-09-12182914_zpsc3afa1c1.jpg
Saw this top in New Look and thought it'll be a good idea to buy and gift them to Weishan Karena and Jolene next year and we can all wear it once we all turn 23. Hahahaha! Legit tee. xD

 photo 2013-09-14153204_zpscbd244ef.jpg
So with a random entry, comes with a random end. bwahahhahaha.

Buhbye! ♥