Monday, May 13, 2013

Sister Turn 19!

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:) Jolene Chua is now 19.

It was her birthday 3 days ago. There wasn't a big celebration, just a simple date with my annoying sister. kek.

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First, we had some Kiseki for brunch. We had to queue for about an hour because I couldn't make a reservation! :O
We end up only going one round ^ though. :/
Not a lot of food but I guess we're both aging and our stomachs are shrinking. lol.

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Spent about 30 minutes to an hour in this shop too~
Where she played around and tried to decide which to buy.....
I just sat there. Stoning. x.x lol.

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Later, we strolled down to Antoinette where we had some tea and a mini celebration. hehe.

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Here's Anotinette, Rose, Chloe and Violette! :3
Rather disappointed with Violette and found my new love, Chloe. hehe.

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Introducing..... Lee Kwang Soo the Giraffe! lol.

Prior to Anotinette, we did a bit shopping in Orchard Central and we spotted this really cute Giraffe.
The shop attendant persuaded us to get one.... and then told us to get two with a $1.20 discount ==; What a great discount offer. Wow. lol.

But my sister came up with a great idea and announced her birthday, asking for special discounts. LOL! The lady called up her boss and gave her 10% off. We only bought one though. So senseless to buy two. :x Then, my sister regretted not using her birthday to get some discount for her Ukelele. lol.

And oh oh! When we were exclaiming how cute the Giraffe was, there was this really random lady who asked if we were twins. She was............. loud. Pretty loud. And we got a huge shock. Shock with her randomness and her sudden question. It became awkward there after and the lady just left after laughing it off with her friend. lol.

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Do we look like twins?!
I agree we have similarities (duh, sisters), but not like twins right?!

Went for a bit more shopping in Taka before we left for home. Something sad happened. I broke my necklace chain when trying to turn the hook to the back. :( Sad because it was a 21st gift to myself and there's no way Swarovski can fix it. They don't even sell chains separately from charms. Zzz

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Had dinner her. Nice place! :3

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East Coast Park!

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Dinner was satisfying. Had chilli crab and some crab beehoon. In love with their crab beehoon! hehe.
Headed home after dinner to prepare for the surprise my sisters' friends had planned. It was quite funny and quite successful. While sister bathed Sugar, her friends sneaked into our house and hid under the study table.

Sister came out went into the room, took her home clothes BUT DIDN'T REALIZE HER FRIENDS. Lol. She went ahead to bathe and all. Surprise finally happened when she was done bathing and spotted the white box on her table. We acted like we were clueless and when she went nearer to her table, she screamed a little because she saw her friends' legs. LOL!

Okay, it isn't amusing in words but it was funny to watch. :D

This surprise also proved how bad I am at lying. I kept laughing when my mother blurted out that someone's coming. LOL! I just couldn't control.... I kept laughing. :((( Lucky my mother was witty enough to say something else.... lol.

Okay, enough words.

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