Friday, October 23, 2009

Make Me Cry.

School was typical.
Workload and stress definitely greater this Semester.

Though it's only week one, we already have two projects to submit in week two. LOL. Year two = no joke. Allocation of groups are all the same; pretty stupid. Undecisive, worried, draw-lots or not, risky and blah blah blah. So typical for everyone.

Week's been sicky, tiring and kindda bad. :(

Yes, we took so many pictures in a week! :D

The only good thing that happened this week.

New wallpapers for my friends! :D




Stephanie, Lim Guan and Jasmine . :D

Stephanie attended only two days of school lo. Tsk! :D

Thanks ah, Sheryl~

Gary being more engrossed in some lucky-draw carried out by MAC and leaving his burger to collect germs around. :S Typical uncle.

Boring lecture!

There was this lecture that was near insane! For exactly 32minutes, the lecturer was still on the first page of our book! And that particular page only has like... 4 slides! Zzz

MMSes I sent to Eloise, over the week. :D

Her favourite!

Best lecturer so far. :D Spot him. ;)


Confident Jasmine, 5hours before she really screw up and fail her driving test. :S Lol.

No worries people, I'm fine. But, I really wish I cried because I'm feeling so... unbalanced right now. Zzz Most probably due to my annoying mother who kept rubbing into it. Zzz

My mother can really be annoying. Was alright with the big fat "FAILED" but my mother has to constantly rub into it. Zzz I know she'll read this but I'm going to say this anyway; I feel fine with failing but my mother rubbing into the fact is not something really nice. I was shocked when I actually didn't tear but my mother being so freaking annoying; it makes me really upset.
Mother, read this and get it into your head. It's really "No wonder why papa always yell at you". Zzz

Till here!

Out to have dinner with family.

Went out to meet bestfriends at night. Teehee.
To view the pictures taken, click this link!! :)

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