Monday, October 19, 2009

JOsmine is a NICE NAME OKAY!

Tell me how is JOsmine and Jostick related?! Lol.
(Obviously, other than "JO")
Eloise said it look like Jostick leh! :'(

That aside.
Promise a short not-so-short entry today for my 703rd! :D

During my 3-hour break, Weishan and Yaping came to accompany because one good friend of mine decides to abandone me! Lol. Thinking I'll be lonely, kind-hearted Weishan&Yaping decides to drop by and slack with me. :D
(Yes, I have wonderful pretty friends!)

*Sigh. I think my flu is getting to me. I'm starting to type nonsense. =x

Anyhow, it was a good break with:

My Vweisan! =x Weishan.




"Help me take curry sauce can??" *whines*
"I want 3."
@the counter "Can I have 3 curry sauce?"
"No, you can't.. I give you two okay?"
"I can't take 3 leh. You take one more luh, I walk away first.."
AND SHE REALLY DID TAKE ANOTHER PACKET! Lol. So cute. It was funny just now. (: And now, me too boring to make it interesting. =x

Thank you Sheryl Zhang! :D
(And no, the one at the back is NOT sheryl~ LOL!)

@Some shelter infront of canteen...

See Weishan? It was damn bright over at the shelter!

Lazy to type captions. =x

Cover up the...

Gummy and blackie. =x

@the library.

Guess who!

Cropped someone out because it was... :S

Always trying to steal the limelight only!!!

First day of school was okay. Despite that, I'M HAVING ACHING SHOULDERS NOW! Zzz Tsk. Annoying old body I have. =x LOL! More of like, I didn't sleep properly last night la. :D

Got a 35year old hot mother, who looks like a 22-26 young lady, as our tutor! :D But since I'm a female, it won't be much of a difference. LOL! Second lesson was... goodness. Boring. Briefing for project. :( The worse part; GROUP ALLOCATION!

I literally wanted to die at that very spot I sat lah!

Decisions to be made. And such decisions are. . . . . . I AM FULL OF ENTHUSIASM THIS SEMESTER! Me wanna do good and this time, me is absolutely seriousssssssssssss!


So anyhow, we took about an hour to settle that whole thing. I have a lot a lot of comments but yeah, they are better off kept inside the devil inside JOsmine. =x

After school, headed down to driving centre to settle my expired PDL. DAMN IT LA LIKE SERIOUSLY! We spent like 30minutes waiting for my turn JUST TO KNOW THAT IT'S NOT THE PLACE TO RENEW MY PDL. =.=
I AM REALLY SORRY, ORYGARY NEO AND HADIBEOM... And just because I wasted so much time of yours, I've reluctantly typed those "names" you guys desperately want okay? LOL!

Bus-ed home feeling TOTALLY guilty and pissed and stupid and retarded and... @$%#@!$#!#

A day in school = deprived from laptop/internet.
So, I headed straight to face my square friend. (:
New album is nice. (: Though I initially dislike the rap; grew on me leh. LOL! Like his English! Hehehe.

Okay, I have something really serious and upsetting for me that I wanna announce! I THINK I'M GOING TO BE DOWN WITH FLU AND COUGH!!! Goddammit!!! This week is totally not the right week to FALL SICK LA FOR GOD'S SAKE! Zzz

Till here.

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