Wednesday, October 21, 2015


plural noun: germs
1. a microorganism, especially one which causes disease.

I'll sooner or later get dialogsed with a deadly disease because of this damn bloody germ. This anger I have when working with this germ is definitely building toxic in my body.

Germ. Toxic. Disease. Sound about right. URG!

I've had plenty of frustrating episodes while working here, but this person has brought up my annoyance to a very high level. So much so that the anger doesn't seem to ever cease. Ever. It just sits there hidden somewhere in my body and continue to snowball and explodes every time this person does something new. No wait. When that germ doesn't do shit more like it.

I don't even want to talk to that person anymore, and don't even fucking care if I'm being too rude or ruining our 'relationship'. The fuck, what relationship?! Why would I want to have a relationship with someone so unprofessional?!

I don't care if you look down on me, but at least act your role and be accountable for your responsibilities?! Don't go around telling people you're bloody busy when you're off doing something that you have no business in. Don't go around acting all dumb and clueless when you are actually the root of all evil.

How can someone be so often unprepared for so darn many things?! Trust you to be 'experienced'. I guess age, experience and origin does not say much about a person... You fucking donkey.

ps: I'm sorry if you were expecting an entry about germs. Technically, I treat this person as a germ that I never want to come in contact with so.................... xD

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