Monday, October 19, 2009


Please ignore the title; because only SMART & HIGH CLASS people will know what it means and who I'm referring to. Hehehehehehe~~ :D

Gonna make this post an extremely short one because I wanna blog blog fast fast! Main reason because I'm extremely exhausted and that Weishan's not online to entertain me while I'm blogging =x ; and that, SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!!! SIANZATION WOOHOO!!! Lol.

Slept at 4am after a long nice webcam-ing session with Sheryl last night! :D

Then, I woke up like.. early?! to start BAKING!!! Woohoo~ My new oven rocks man! Lol. But because I don't have a baking tray, the muffins all turn out huge. LOL! So, no pictures of my cute muffins. x= Good friends get to taste them. ^^
BUT BUT BUT! My extremely smart sister went to give away two muffins that were meant for GRACEFUL GRACE!!! :'( It's okay, I'm going to bake a few just for her next time. ;) Teehee.

Baking ended and, I WAS EFFING TIRED LIAO LO! But soon decide to meet...;


Apparently, I was not lazy enough today and granted Weishan's wish to see me for the last time this week!!! LOL!
:D First headed to Taka for a lunch that Gary was supposedly going to treat~ But anyhow, have to thank Weishan's cousin for getting to the cashier first. :( LOL!

After lunch, walked back to ION (we met from there luh.); then went to look for Cindy and Serene at their workplace. Chit chatted for a while before I rushed back to Hougang to bus to UBI for driving lesson. I WAS SO FREAKING LATE! I wanted to die right there. LOL. (No, I'm just kidding!)

Some random shots and only we know why we took such shots! ;)

After a pretty awesome driving lesson, headed back to Hougang Mall to meet the two again for dinner. Few jokes around, here and there and apparently; I think my speech REALLY NEEDS TO BE IMPROVED.. Read "soup" as "soap" OUT LOUD when giving order. Please, I need a hole on the ground and bury my head in. LOL!

Dinner @ THERE!
Isn't the cup nicer looking than the FUGLY backdrop? LOL!

See my two funny friends working out the feedback form~~~ Zzz
Kids nowadays ahhhhh..

My Vweisan Weishan! :D

Someone's Garli Gary~~ LOL.


Unglam pictures of Gary as usual. LOL!

Near the end of our dinner, he got high again. =.= He really should stop "drinking alcohol" in his mind. LOL. So happy sad that he's going to abandon me tomorrow! Gahhhhhhhh! What a friend right?! Lol.

"Salmon pepper, without pepper please!" Lol.

Look what he've done to it! Tsk. Gross to the max only~
But then again, I think this gross mashed potato look even better than the one eating it. =x LOL!

And yes, he still eats that thing. He made it look like that on purpose~~ Zzz LOL!

Play with food in his mouth again; trying to gross people out. Zzz
So old-school please, Gary. :)

Can't stand him~


Turns out it wasn't as short as I thought it'll be. LOL!


I look effing pale; which explains the tinted colour. :D

Till here folks~

Love, and goodbye!

ps: OMONA! I want a smooth sailing new Semester! JASMINE, and MY LOVELY FRIENDS; HWAITING!!! :D

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