Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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Still feeling very happy and excited that I can't sleep so here I am spamming 'Grease' soundtrack and blogging. HEHEHEHE.

Play this while you read! HEHEHEHE.
It won't take you an hour to finish this entry though. LOL.

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Not fantastic seats but better than not watching!

The musical was so so so much fun, extremely enjoyable and just....... IT A WAS VERY GOOD SHOW!!! :D

I've always loved the songs in 'Grease' (a lot more than the movie itself!), so imagine how hyped up I was when I heard about the musical coming to Singapore!!! I was elated and very excited!!

Even though the musical was months away, I started spamming the movie soundtrack every other day to ease my excitement and prepare myself for the musical. HAHAHA! Damn exaggerated, but really, 'Grease' songs are so old-schoolish and nice! I've spammed it for a few days in a row but I still wasn't sick of any songs! :)

The musical did not let down. NOT AT ALL!

I love all the dances (especially the mass dances, so in sync!!), love all the props (especially the explosive car!), love all the funny moments (there were many!), love their interactions at the end, and love all the vocals!! I LOVE THE MUSICAL~~

I found myself smiling unknowingly on many occasions. :X

There's one thing that wasn't good for me though. Their accent. LOL. I couldn't understand some of their conversations. Like... maybe 20%? Not that I'm a lousy listener! It's just that... the accent on top of the way they spoke (very 'Grease'-ish, like... olden slang kind. Must watch movie to know!) made it a little bit challenging for me during some conversations. But all is good once they sang. HEHEHEHE.

At some point, it felt like I was at a concert. The music was really loud and their vocals were just...... woah. (Y)! Now that I've watched the musical, the soundtrack sounds a bit flat. :(

Okay..... Enough about the musical. I hope I'll get to catch it again...? Hopefully! Else, I'll have to wait for them to come again. :(

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I am super duper glad I got Yugine to go with me. ^^

I cannot believe a lot of my friends have never heard or watch 'Grease' before. Like.... seriously!? :O Not that I'm in another era or something; I wasn't even born when the movie was out!! It's a very very old movie but it was such a big hit! And their songs are so so so good!!

I bet, even if one have never watched the movie before, they would have definitely heard at least one of their songs.................. Especially "You're The One That I Want" or "Born To Hand Jive" (definitely for people who goes on Royal Caribbean!)  or or "We Go Together".

'Glee' has done a musical for this movie too, by the way.

Okay, I've mentioned I'm done with the musical..............

So, before the musical, we had dinner. Well.... Not exactly. It was more like.... I was having dinner and Yugine was just there watching me eat. -,- That's because this Yugine ate too much for lunch and was too bloated for dinner. :(

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I had their Ham&Cheese crepe (reusing picture from this entry)

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And shared these drumlets with Yugine. Except... She only ate one. -,-

We also camwhored a lot before dinner. HEHEH.

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Thank you for watching this musical with me. ♥

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All time favourite picture with her! :D

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