Saturday, October 17, 2009

Picture Perfect; FFF <3

What's the best way to end your fantastic Semester break? :/




For me; it's spending the last few days with my FFF, Favourite Friends and Family! Lol. Okay, lame. =x
But, I really did had a fantastic time with them all. Too bad many couldn't make up for dinner gathering. :(

ANYHOW! It was really nice just spending time with my family and having dinner with friends. Teehee! ;)
And and and, I can conclude that Weishan obviously miss me alot lah! Lol. Though we've met only on Friday, she wanted to meet me today and even asked if I could go out tomorrow. LOL! Sadly, I can't go out today and I might be too lazy to head out tomorrow. =x

Accompanied sister and mother to their facial and massage sessions respectively on Friday. :D While they were at it, I was boringly surfing the net waiting for some MTV to be released. But oh well~ It was only out around midnight lo please. x.x (Okay sorry, unnecessary info).

After their relaxing session, walked to Plaza Singapura to have our lunch before sister went for her piano lesson while mother and I continued a little walking around. Next stop, it was Compass Point. Met up with father there in hope to purchase an oven! Lol.

But there wasn't much choices so we dropped the idea, and I'm glad we did! LOL. Reason why later...

Slim face, NOT ... LOL! Yanling's favourite tactic. ;)

Afterwhich, headed to Sakae for "dinner", was suppose to meet friends for dinner but I thought it'll be better if I had dinner with my parents. That way, I can save! But at the end, there wasn't much of a diff. LOL!

So, left my parents and headed down to Kovan. Meeting time with my budget was supposedly 7PM! But tsk~ Someone was so so so late lo. LOL. Anyhow, shopped around, ALONE! for like... 30minutes? Before Lance called and met up with me. :D
Shopping alone isn't that bad uh. ;)

More pictures of me and my sister~~~

I think I became fair already. :(

Dinner with them were good!

Plenty of driving topics and laughters~ :D

The colourful thingy is a gift from Gary; one he got from Vietnam.
&that's Yaping's hand.

KAMSAMIDA, dongsaeng-nim. And I hope my intuition and predictions are 100% accurate! Hohoho~~ ;)

Oh oh! Reminds me of a joke!
Soohou Jasmine

"Erm. Help me get the char sao pao..."
"Wah. You wanna eat the whole thing?"
"No la. Half. Yaping, I share with you..."
**Soohou getting it...
"Yaping's one uh~"
**Soohou brought forward his chopsticks near Yaping's XXXX lo! Tsk~ LOL!
Made us all laugh only~ LOL! What a sick friend I have. I obviously wasn't meaning what he thought and kid about what I meant right?! LOL!

Attempt for a nice self-shot!

Opposite of out table~

Spot the lady explaining some stuffs about membership.

Funny face~ LOL!

Yaping always attempt to take shots without ME! Tsk. :'(

Always have stupid ideas up his sleeve. =x LOL!

Die die also wanna squeeze in for a photo~ LOL!

And yeah, Yaping wasn't initially on out side lo. Tsk~ =x

Dinner started only at 8pm after Gary (the latest) arrived. Table was noisy filled with driving topics and yeah, mention previously- laughters too. ;) After dinner, we wanted to play a game of bowling but the place was filled with many people. So, dropped the idea and headed to MacDonalds to chill. (:

And yeah, our usual rule for the latest to treat. ;)


Chilling, talking...


:D Nice shots. kekeke.

Spot the shots of us trying to imitate the little girl behind on the poster. :D

YAPING : "This one call ugly face meh?" Lol.

Okay, now I admit; mine wasn't ugly. This is. LOL!

Please, don't ask me why I've posted up a black picture okay? Tsk!

Jolene came. But didn't join us uh.

As for today, headed out again with my parents. :D
First stop was the temple. Prayed for safety and stuff...
Please please please hear my prayers and grant me my one small mini wish of having a uberrrrr smooth encounter... :) I really really hope this wish of mine can be granted because it's really important to me that it's over and done with. :D
Then, it was lunch at some nice nice place. :D Before we headed to Vivo City!

AND YES! Finally got an oven~~~ ;) It was one that we saw yesterday, BUT! at a discounted price~~ So effing lucky please! It's only one day! LOL. And omg la! I saw this really pretty camera that has front LCD too!!! By Samsung, it's being advertised right now. AND YES, IT'S DAMN PRETTY! If I win any lottery, I'LL BUY IT! :D As of now, I wanna continue being obsessed with my Lollipop~~ LOL!

We shopped till our leg almost broke uh. =x But, we didn't really shop much. :/ LOL! Had coffee break before shopping for baking ingredients and heading back to carry back the oven and fan we bought. Damn, the oven was so freaking heavy. I think I've built muscle just by carrying it from a point to another, which is pretty far please. :D

Some selfshots I took when I was so bored last night...

Dammit uh. I'm having a bad throat right now.
I DON'T WANT! I need to be uber healthy!!!

Damn pale with this specs right?! And damn my stupid left eyeeeee! :'(

I can hear Weishan telling me "Stop taking pictures of yourself!!" :'(

(While Gary and Weishan are doing the "Anneoyhasayo, we are SHINee!" handsign!) LOL!

And oh, talking about that. THEY FINALLY GOT FEATURED LIKE FOR ONCE SIOL! =x Many of you are not interested but I'm going to just upload it. LOL. For fun okay? :D

//shall update again when I've gotten pictures from Weishan. STAY TUNED! :D

Till here people~

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