Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i wonder...

*this is so gonna be a long lenghty post with plenty pictures!.*

before making a start...

...taken today at my house. ^^ Yanling and I.

great day! first thing first, i think we both ignored or somehow avoid each other today. seriously, i hate the eye contacts! the stares i got from that irritant.. gosh~ and boy, Nadiah Fatin and Diana are really irritating bitches. oops XD- ahh! shouldn't have let it known, i doubt i'll be able to have peace. lols.

so, after school stayed back in class because Mdm Ong wanted to talk to our clique? yeahs, it's related to our Maths assignments. slacked in class for a while and departed for meeting in Prefects' Room. after Mr. Rafi briefed us on what to be done, we ''started'' on our tasks.

sometimes, i don't know why but when i caught a glimpse of it, i felt VERY weird. i just can't stand it. conforted but was ignored by walking away smiling. -.- kindda dumb. that's for being concerned?!? sighs. anyway, stayed in the room for quite sometime (until like 1630?) and felt like leaving- i'm actually having tuition at 1730 you know?!?lols. asked around but no one wanted to go home. -.- so pathetic. was kindda reluctant to have to leave alone but THANKS to DIANA, HAKIM and NAIM for volunteering to send me home. how sweet!

on the way out, called her; which i shouldn't have. ahh~ her responses were kindda disappointing. points to ponder!! yupps, felt disappointed but tooter and two of the jerkys cheered me up~ i even lied to them about having a boyfriend. XD hahas. okay larhhs, i don't have any. i'm SINGLE yet UNAVAILABLE; i've decided to be one of you (Diana and Fatin)!! =]
reached home at 1700 washed up and stuffs then waited to have tuition. XIAOXUAN was in my house early!! hahas. she don't smell after a long day at school, WOW. -.-had a interesting yet tiring tuition. after tuition, held a short celebration for MingHongs' Birthday tomorrow.


great day! lols. some pictures to laugh about. ^^

ohh yeahs, XIAOXUAN is as DARK as a DUNGEON!! hahas. and, i'm not revolting larhs~ =p

xuanxuan and me.
my long DARK childhood friends.
taken before short celebration.
i <33 this REVOLTING girl~ lols.


the Birthday cake.

Birthday Boy (my boyfriend.lols.) and his mum.
17 le but still as childish. XD

next birthday girl, Yanling, and me!!

mother forced the boys to take this. someone blushed somewhere! oops. lols.

the 4 ugly prince and the birthday girl.
hmms. does this picture make you infer that Darius is the Birthday boy? LOLs.

nahhs, Yanling's still the star.
ahh~ Nicholas is not looking at the camera again. should have known that old people have weaker concentration. x=

next Birthday girl, Jolene. hahas.
my sis, Yanling, my mum, MingHong and aunty Teo.

look at my sis! LOLs.
miss taking pictures for occasions.

the Serangoonians! LOLs.
Darius say i look like my head was where my actual height was when i squad!! stupid. lols.

my dark dark friend and her mother. not her birthday still take like it's hers.

still along way larhs xiaoxuan. lols.
till then, let's WAIT till you're able to walk into the cinema watching a NC16 movie OFFICIALLY! lols.

tsktsktsk. colour contrast!
*i'm so gonna get it from her! LOLs.*


took this today.. =]

me and bitchy Diana on the way to my house. THANKS!!
wasted a trip huh? good thing yours is bus stamp. lols.
he didn't go for me okay!! lols.

okay, this is what me and Samuel normally do during English lesson.
chat by writing and tear tear them!! lols. after tearing its' throw throw~ hahas.


took this quite long time ago.
Diana larhs. typed this in the laptop. it's so not true!! =]

this is what we do when no teacher is around..

our meeting minutes. ^^

this meeting is for Diana to teach me the agenda. hahas.

took this yesterday while having dinner. =]

clean clean clean, we are this hardworking okay~ lols.
nizam and hakim, keep up the good work.
-i think the room is dirty again. lols.

they suddenly look so obedient ehs? lols. i think i better think twice to make that remark.

nizam solo? LOLs.

they seriously look very kiddy in this picture! lols.

serene sitting on my lap.
this is what we do when our Chinese teacher finally leaves the class for some lame matters.

BENETTON and me!! lols.

sweet Hayati.

this picture is cool yeahs? lols.
Fengni thought i was going to take Melissa picture without her. hahas. i'm not that bad lorhs. lols.

took this when we were waiting for some people to leave for Aaron's house.
Ashiqin, Diana and Fatin.

Niza, trying to fix Mr. Rafis' camera and then when he fails, he blame me. -.-

rushing the list of things we have spent; to claim from Mr. Rafi.

Nadiah the horny Tootest and Diana the bithcy Tooter.. lols.

the two CHILDISH Nizam and Naim~ lols.

i ran to take this picture. so stupid, they were laughing at me.. -.-

the left overs~ lols.

look at Jagroop, so cute!! LOLs.

The sigh of Camera-"SHY"

starring: TAN WEISHAN~ lols.

obvious it's her right? she never change her style of avoiding the camera. XD

FATIN!! lols. cute larhs she.
see, she's wearing two watches. -.-

see! told you she never change. lols.
i like this shot, with forcus and the background blurred.

he avoided the camera. why?!? lols.
see the size of the head!! lols.


sometimes, life has too many ups and downs and we can't afford to stay to feel regretful nor wish to turn back time but to face them all and perserve to move on. sighs. how is wish life was a fairy tale where i can get to twist the endings and the story..
sometimes i really wonder what am i to her. really, what am i compared to her other friends?
at times, she makes me wonder why should i be the one giving in most of the time- understanding what she like, and dislike and try to arrange something that she would be most comfortable with.sometimes, she makes me wonder the worth of our friendship- longlasting or just an acquaintance? well, definitely not an acquaintance. but, i just don't understand; where is she when i needed one most? sensitives issues make me feel that she's very VERY very calculative. is that what friends should be like?!? when i need advice, what i really get is just lame remarks. sighs.why can't she spare time, just a few minutes, to be there with me when i'm alone? it's not as if i'm demanding (what's more, i've asked her like twice only?!) but, everytime i ask her it's a confirm rejection.i'm kindda sick and tired larhhs but i just don't get it why i never fail to think of her first?maybe it's a habit. like today, i know i can't compare but i guess, it's human nature to do so.when i was on my way home, something just strike me. things are no longer the same. i know exactly how i am treating them but i can't help it no matter how much i control. i suddenly cannot stand a second longer being with them. to be frank, i feel more me when i'm with them. it's like, i can relate better but i guess, it's because i've been spending a longer time with them. sometimes, she also make me wonder; is it that i've a higher expectation that she can't meet? or is it i'm just too busy to even be bothered about how she feels? all these are not excuses but questions i have to but don't want to ask myself.
ahh! can't take it at times. sighs.

those that i once saw as promising treasure no longer see the same as they say: "All that glitters is not gold." ahhhhhhhh! i'm going insane!! =]

anyway, going out tomorrow with Sister and friends. helping Darius choose present for her. hmms. then, meeting Weishan and co. to a movie. yeahhs!! first time i can make it. XD

*yawns* tuition tomorrow morning~ AMATHS!! lols.

so, i guess i'll end of this post with this Birthday cake. =]

P.S: TAY XIAOXUAN, ask your brother come and read this!!


ehs! you're 17 le, must be more sensible. watch less cartoon! lols. let's mug together and achieve our aims my dearest friend! =]
stay happy and HANDSOME. ^^

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