Sunday, April 29, 2007


wanted to start assignments right after praying but end up helping Xiaoxuan do edit her blogskin. so stupid. but, feel kindda bad that i've totally forgotten about her- asking me to study at Hougang Malls' Gelare. -.- i am so sorry!!

this is so gonna be a long and lenghty post. i just realise that i haven't been updating much.. ^^

anyway, found this picture in my phone.. =]

this picture was like taken during the March Holidays?!? lols.

anyway, school has been alright. meeting minutes have been bugging me but i'm so relieved that i was able to rush it through the night till three yesterday. when i click on the "send" button, i felt like i've finally let go of a stone. ^^

two days ago (Friday) was the start of our Mid-Year. English Paper 1 and Social Studies. kindda disappointed with my time management for both papers. i was like.. left with thirty minutes to complete my composition?!? spend too much time on the magazine article and stuffs like planning and generating ideas- i bet i'm gonna flung my English Paper 1 for this Mid-Year. Social Studies was saddening. it was the first timei EVER study (well, sort of) but in the end? i think i'm gonna fail it as usual (as expected too).

yesterday (Saturday), returned to school for Computer Studies lesson. Mr Wong was LATE!! but nahhs, it's okay. so, had lesson and sort of pissed Mr Wong off during the end of it. i just don't get it. it's not as though i wasn't paying attention in class at all. i just merely took picture with Agnes and JiaXuan when he announced that lesson has ended. -.- but, i think he thought we were playing a fool all the time because when he wanted Gary to move away, there was some commotion, i can't remember what.

so after lesson, went to Prefects Room to do my meeting minutes but end up starting to work on it only during the last few minutes before school was going to close. -.- so, had to finish it up at home. sighs.

this was the picture!! lols. but, i have to admit, this picture look kindda weird with my projection of my head and JiaXuan's eyes. LOLs.

me and Jiaxuan again. =]

wanted to upload the pictures we took during our last visit to NanYang Poly but didn't do it so here i am now. XD that day was kindda sad but.. sighs. let's not go into it. =]

first, we start with...

he look so weird in this picture because he wasn't warn about it? LOLs.

me, Jiaxuan and Agnes.
first decent picture we took!

Celine, me and Agnes with our THANK YOU board!! =]

Darius, Jiaxuan and Agnes.

Krist, me and Darius.
Darius look kindda old in that pair of shades. lols. he is anyway. XD

Now, please guess what Gary was looking at..

look super happy at the computer screen ehhS?
wonder what he was looking at, so happy..

he looked so lighted up like as if he had found some treasure or something. -.-

but, nahhs, he was talking to Cindy.. LOLs.

Agnes wrote in her blog that this was the sign of showing motherly love?
NAHHS!! i hug people because i'm NICE!! lols.

Gary and me. see the head SLIGHT difference? lols.

Gary took this picture while standing on a chair and they say i really look SHORT. sobbs.
Agnes look so gigantic (in terms of height). LOLs.

i look so kiddy with Agnes as my ''mama'' and Darius as my ''papa''.
XD lols.

this two never fail to make my tummy hurt from laughter.
super JIAO larhs!! LOLs.

US (some of the CS students) with the lecturers and the thank you board!! LOLs.

look at JiaXuan. LOLs.

me and Miss Sin (i think). Lols.

me and Celine.

so, i'll end off with this picture looking at Celines' phone. LOLs.
off to doing assignments!! =]
P.S: Cindy arhhs. actually, i'm very very confused with my own mind too. don't know how to put them into words but.. maybe you will say i'm running away from problems but i just can't help it. you know? when you get too involved and too confused, you would rather not think about it then have it bothering you. maybe, i'm not that of a good problem ''solver'' myself. sometimes, you just have to walk away from it to have a clear mind. but now, my mind is still blurr and i would rather be distracted then search for a clearer image.
get it, right? =]
sigining off now~
**someone, anyone, PLEASE PLEASE motivate me to study!! i can't go on this way to feel lazy~

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