Monday, April 23, 2007


GREAT yet saddening day at school today.
before alighting from my dad's car, i was pretty happy because FINALLY, i would be wearing my red tie but once i step out of the car and saw some other prefects i sighed.. wearing a red tie is no longer as special le. =[ sorry Fatin, i have to repeat this again. hahas.
kindda surprised that there are actually people reading my blog (sometimes..), super surprised when Fatin asked me that question larhs.
BUT, i'm letting go all the thoughts about it le. ^^ they were like very excited? i wonder why.. lols. DIANA and FATIN today SUPER BITCHY larhhs!! LOLs.

talked to him just now and yeahs, he's a bastard. Krist is stupid to make that remark larhs. History seldom repeat itself yeah? but seriously, his attitude now SUCKS like hell. who cares the good side of him? fighting or wining a fight doesn't make one great. at least, he is worst than him larhs~ felt very pissed when i heard from Jiaxuan about the remark he made about him. HELLO~ he's my friend, at least, he is SO MUCH better than you larhs~ going against the law is stupid enough. and, your life is really meaningless because you do stupid stuffs.

at this point of time, i would like to concentrate on things that are on top of my piority list. ^^ and, i've made up my mind larhs. it's ones' decision, i can't do anything to change ones' mindset nor decisions. leave leave lorhs, doesn't matter. =]

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