Saturday, April 21, 2007

what more..?

sighs. finally, everything's over. finally, most of the busiest activities have ended. finally, some time to rest. finally, some time to start studying and finally, the time left to our major examinations are lesser. sighs.

anyway, yesterdays' Prefects' Investiture was GREAT~ everything was done and finished smoothly. yeahhs!! finally, it's TOTALLY over.
one remark from Mdm Haslinda (Mr. Rafi told us) : "This event was professionally done."
really hope what she said was what she actually think.
after investiture, we had to do some ushering - pretty tiring though, had to run up and down. ahh~ MATHS~ have to complete three of her assignments. hate it when there's assignments. sighs.

today, we had Computer Studies lessons and then, went for lunch at Hougang Mall before heading home for Maths Tuition. sighs, busy busy!!
enough says, have to go complete my assignments before having tuition again. -.-


the ExCos 2007. a little too big right?


Fatin, the head prefect and i.

me and Diana. ^^

the TOOTYS~ yeahs, in this picture, me and Diana look so toot with that hairstyle!!

soohou took two idiotic pictures of me. kindda dumb though. XD

and, he claims that i look even shorter in this picture...

we did this because we were trying out about what they had told me - they said i should laugh with my hand covering my mouth to prevent my gum from showing. lols.

SooHou and I..

BigHEAD and I. he super jiao lorhhs. XD

WeiShan and I..

YanLing and me..

4eB~ those who were there for lunch only..
except for some ''anti-phototaking'' people.

as i've said, i would upload them. ^^

yufang and i..

big head and me..

me and fengni, the SUPER BIG BULLY!! =]

this was taken during our EMaths tuition. can you believe it?!? Yanling was eating JUNK FOOD!!! LOLs.
that's all for now i guess. =]
i've made it clear and i know i'm determined. to push aside whatever thoughts that obviously would distract me from my studies.
uhh~ was super pissed just now but i think i'm no longer angry le. planned to go to Zakiah's Birthday celebration at Pasir Ris Park but my mother disallowed me to go. sighs.

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