Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bingsu & Gang✮ Lance

A quick update before I crash in bed. x.x

Today's not exactly a long tiring day, I've merely spent half my Saturday out, but I'm feeling so drained right now... Experienced rain and shine when I was out and all I wanna do is stone on my chair right now. Lol.

It was a really sunny and warm day. Even after living in this kind of weather for 2 decades now, it's still something I complain about every once in a while. Y U NO 4 SEASONS HERE?! Lol.

Went out with the family in the afternoon for lunch in Toa Payoh, and I was feeling uncomfortable the whole time... Suspected it was my hair, and went for a hairwash. LOL! Turns out, it wasn't and continued to feel uncomfortable for the entire day! T^T

After washing my hair, I started my evening with an impromptu date with Jolene. Checked out Chick And Ken because Jolene was upset from a long morning. Took us a while to find the place (thank goodness for Google map!) under the scorching hot sun, but it was all worth it!! :D

 photo P1370275_zpsdls2nl7n.jpg
A place that sells Korean Fried Chicken and Artisanal Bingsu.
I'm so going back to try their fried chicken someday!

 photo P1370279_zps6oqdjhfc.jpg
THIS IS SO DELICIOUS!!! So generous with their toppings and mochi too!
It wasn't too sweet for me because we got to choose how much condense milk we wanna add.
fatdieus lol.

I don't think I've tried any bingsu when I was in Korea. :/ (I miss Korea so much!) But this reminds me of snow ice that was really popular for a while in the past. Seems like bingsu is up and rising now! The portion looks really big, but Jolene and I was really satisfying with dessert! Helped fan off the crazy heat for a bit... But who knew, the sun and heat turned down a notch when we left the place. Lol.

 photo P1370289_zpstsh72i96.jpg

 photo P1370299_zpsvaunfldu.jpg
Went for some shopping in town thereafter, before meeting Chiulee in StarVista for a play in the evening!

 photo 20150314_192533_zpszghcyis3.jpg
It was raining when we got there. T^T Heavy downpour.
End up walking a really long distance to the school and these two girls were chatting so loudly!!

 photo P1370304_zpsqsmks1rp.jpg
Eunice got us good seats!

The play was really enjoyable! It was especially funny when Lance appeared. Lol.
Only caught him as a gangster, a driver and a father, but he'd actually acted in a few more scenes. xD

 photo P1370306_zpsn65hrvqu.jpg
Lance with makeup!

We later went for supper. Prata!!! Before Lance sent us home. ^^

 photo P1370282_zpstbvvtiko.jpg

 photo P1370302_zpsksd1appw.jpg

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