Tuesday, May 01, 2007

wasted trip..

sighs. didn't get to do what i intially wanted to; dine in NYDC and watch "200 pounds beauty". a wasted trip yet, no regrets. =]

woke up early today for tuition. time ticked off real slow. *yawn* a bit saddening when Gary messaged me about them deciding not to go to town. i needed a break! after tuition called some people to go out but none wanted. -.- felt sad but couldn't help it.

met up with the guys and started to look for her present. and boy, it really took them a long long time~ wanted to have lunch at NYDC but end up dining at Pizza Hut in Plaza Singapura. ahhhh!! have to wait for next time again.

me and sis looking at Eugene's phone..


sighs. reached home at about 1851, rested a while and had a bath. wanted to start on my Amaths assignment but realise that i haven't touch my Prefects' Meeting minutes. there were really alot to be checked~ some of them didn't bother to do a good and complete job while some did a little bit too much so, had to edit a bit and stuff.

what does it seem like; they are looking at?!? lols.

i don't know what is this but just upload it for fun..

when i saw that photo this afternoon, i felt something. i can't describe. sighs. what's wrong? i can't figure out. it's entagled yet i can't find any help.
ohh yeahhs! i came home complaining about not dining at NYDC and my mother promised to treat me and my sister as a short celebration of her Birthday!! yeahhs~ hahas.

tomorrow, it's back to school. sighs. why do fun happy times always come to and end before we even realise it?!? Maths, Maths.. really driving me nuts!

sister wasted food!! lols.

i also don't know why i'm posting this up. -.-

i miss HANIZA!! urg~ tomorrow there's tuition again, Physics. sighs. yet another sad thing, i can't SMS anymore!! gosh.. lols. anyway sms remind me of something. why did that person sound so weird when i popped that question? and, why sound so happy when i said that?!? hahas. real cute larhs. just hope that target will never ever be achieved!! =p

last sad thing for the day~ i can't go into Diana's blog!! sighs. both computers don't allow me to get in, so dumb!!

it's 2218 now, i think i better start on my Amaths assignment or it'll be too late.

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