Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Want Lollipop!!! :D

And, I meant the mobile Lollipop... ;)

You can give me the candy too though. ;)

I really really really really want that red Lollipop!!! :( Decided to try settling for a pretty phone... And hoping to successfully persuade my mother to allow me keep my current phone as a spare! Keke.
Pray hard when Lollipop finally launch in the small dot; the price will not be quoted so high. Else, i have to wait. T.T don't really wanna spend more than a hundred for phones as of now.
But i highly doubt there's a possibility for such a chic, new, pretty phone to be set with a low price. :'(

Then again, when I whine about wanting this phone; I GET ALOT OF NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT THE BRAND. :( Lol. But Weishan's not really complaining about hers leh. :/
Shall wait for Eloise to get it first. =x Then, I'll ask for her review. HAHA! Yes, I'm such a meanass. BUT! I doubt mean-asses admit that they are one so; I guess I'm still not that bad la huh~~ LOL!!!

Okay okay; Enough about that.

To sum up today; it was a great shopping day with Jiaxuan, Bingcheng and Weibin! :D Didn't get anything because nothing caught my attention... :'(


And yes, your eyes wasn't tricking you - we randomly went to take neoprints. LOL!
Walked alot to look for schedule books and notebooks lo! :( I WANNA BE READY FOR SCHOOL LEH! Lol.
We also went to chill at Iluma's Coffee Bean. Hehehe. And I was the first to finish my drink!! Kekeke.

Selecting scenes...

It's been about... 4years since we last took neoprints? Lol..

We're so old now. =x

I'm no longer good at decorating those.. :(

Miss those kiddy days. HAHAHA!
Shall go ransack my stuffs and find my old old neoprints! Geez~

Fierce! Lol.
Bingcheng bought the most today uh!
4shirts, a pant and a pair of chic slippers! Lol.

Weibin! :D


Because it was just plain shopping, there isn't much to blog about.
Maybe at least one;

I have no idea why but wherever I go this holiday; it's been crowded like crazy! Zzz Really really really hate crowds! And, for weird reasons I'm a bit excited for school. LOL! Call me crazy; I think that's my middle name. HAHAHAHAH!

Dined at NYdC. :D

I prefer "Juliette" spelling to that. ;) And, it should be FIVE Amigos. HAHHA!
If you know what I mean. *insert cheeky emoticon*

Damn! I'm really really really addicted to their new title song. LOL! While shopping, I was repeating "RDD" and found myself smiling NON-STOP because I thought it had a really silly BUT CUTE chorus. LOL! Freaking retarded of me la. LOL! This is crazy, I know. =x

Why do girls love to take photos in stinky toilets?! Lol.

I have no idea myself.

Oh yeah! When we were travelling to the destination; Jiaxuan and I had a mini conversation about how it's a tad weird and quiet without Yanling around. LOL! We're wayyyyy to used to her noisiness uh. :'( Lol...

These were good!




I hope those didn't make you feel hungry uh. Hehehe.
We even had cakes! Cool~~ :D



Today, I've only spent on food, neoprints and ice-blended mocha ! Lol.

Obviously my favourites coming up. Kekeke! :D

Really like the lighting and backdrop in the neoprint place! Lol.

Favourite shot~~ chuuuuuuu~~

Hehehe! Why did we even waste money to take shots when we had an awesome camera and photographer?! Lol.


Till here. :D

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