Monday, October 12, 2009

Ding Dong Bell~

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I just got updated and realise my title is coincidentally similar to their new title song!!! Woot~ But for that new style of theirs; a tad weird to have "Ring Ding Dong" as a title song leh. :/ CAN'T WAIT FOR THEIR COMEBACK THOUGH!!! Lol.

Had a fun and interesting evening with Eloise, Grace, Alicia and Patience today! :D
(Pardon for the screwed up image quality. :( Blogger did the job...)

Couldn't sleep well last night. :(

Morning plans were cancelled. :'( Continued my dream before I decide it's time to wake up and prepare for Xiaoxuan's house. ;) When I was nearly done, XX texted me and told me she's released early... :D Someone to do baking with. HAHA! So, hurried down to meet her, grocery shopped and bought lunch before heading back to her place.

We were a bit forgetful and stupid only. Zzz Forgot a lot of things please! Almonds, chilli sauce, this, that and ... ANYWAY~

Quickly swallowed my lunch because I was a tad lag in my schedule. Started baking and yes!, it went well. Hehe. After baking, help in washing and waited for the muffins to cool while chatting with jiejie.

Before we pop them into the oven...

No afters because I didn't take any. LOL!

Before I headed out of her house... Lol.

xD So much for running behind schedule. =x


Last one before she chase me out of her house. :(

Rushed back home, saw Budget Tan in the bus (She freaking stalked me!!! Lol.) and OMG! there were frigging LOTS OF roaches in my kitchen. Zzz

Fogging was done around the neighborhood and my mother forgot to seal one of the... filter we had that leads to the garage. x.x Morning was near disastrous because the neighborhood was nearly filled with dead roaches. DAMN FREAKING DISGUSTING ONLY!!!

And so - because my kitchen was nearly filled with these annoying pests, I spent like a whopping 1/2hour to vacuum the corpses and mop the floor. Zzz Best thing, I was almost jumping and definitely shaking when I was clearing them! Be it if they are dead or not; they are goddamn gross! And yes!, I can't stop repeating that. Geez~

Dead roaches, baby roaches and all these freaking pests are just mean-ass GROSS! Nowadays, I've been thinking of a reason for their existence. =.= Like, why the hell were they created?! They are up to nothing good, pisses and annoys people who end up killing them. Zzz

I was still proud to clear them all though. ;)
Even asked mother to give me a noble award! Lol.

Aftermath, bathed and quickly prepared to leave house. :D Met up with Grace in the train before we meet Eloise at Orchard. :) Bumped into Serene and her friend! :D Walked around before we Taka-ed to buy markers and have snacks...

It was almost like we were having a picnic! Lol.
With the food they bought and Eloise FANTASTIC cookies + my made-with-love muffins. (;
I am so glad they liked the muffins and said it was good. :D Even the banana one was said to be nice. Huhu~~ I thought I failed in the banana one... Kekeke.

Then, walked back to Ion to meet Alicia and Patience. Etude House-d before we headed to have dinner at some Wanton Noodle Graffiti Cafe. Food was good. The girls had fun drawing and writing around while I stoned, chat and played games~~~

Looking for their past doodles~

Grace! :D
Had an absolutely nice time talking to this dongsaeng-nim~ LOL! She's so weird, because she's so similar to me but we're of different horoscopes. :/ LOL!
PS: AND YOU GRACEYS, please stop calling me noona/unnie for I'm only A YEAR OLDER! :D

Eloise~~ :D

Grace and Eloise keeps ignoring me when I'm talking lo. :( Unintentionally some more! Hmpf.

My first and last, I think? Lol. I drew a few more luh! =x

The one who doodled the most today!

Second ~~~

I like this shot. ;)


Lazy for captions. =x

Their past doodles~

Crazy right?! Lol.

Change places and Grace was busy with her chair doodle. lol.


Eloise markers!!!

Her turn to start her DBSK fetish...

LOL! ;)

These girls are nice! They didn't really avoid the camera which I thought they would and was pretty... anything about the shots I took. But anyway, my shots are all pretty angles one leh. ;) LOL!

Eloise DBSK fetish. ALL BY HER PLEASE~! Lol.

My one and only noona~~~ :D

Trying out my camera functions. ;)

Enjoying her own art. LOL! =x

These cookies are really good! I ate like... 3 in a row~~~
But, a bit too sweet for me. I'm too sweet to eat such sweet stuffs luh. =x LOL!

Self-timer is loved~~~

I forgot to switch on the timer and took a picture of them instead. :(


I think she spent almost 1/2hour drawing on various areas of the walls... Lol.

Happy right??? LOL!

Adding on and editing their past doodles~

Eloise totally joining her~ LOL!

Alicia and me me me!

The other side of the wall~ LOL.

Eloise and me me me!!!

Took a few before-leaving-the-place pictures~ But guess what Grace was doing? ;)

Still glued to the wall~ LOL. Take note of the wall beside her~~
Mostly her doodles and a few of Eloise luh. x.x LOL!


If you are that free, compare this to the previous picture where they doodled at the same place initially. LOL!


Love this MONSTER! Doesn't look at all like a snail right?! Lol.

Eloise: "That's because you can't see it's shell behind right?"

For Eloise~

Grace's chair... LOL!

Finally ready to go!


For Eloise again...

Back to Ion to get some stuffs~~~ And home-d.... :D

OMG! Didn't realise I ranted so much. LOL!

Favourite pictures for the day~

Helping Eloise advertise her doodle! LOL~

Till here, night people!

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