Sunday, October 11, 2009

Expectation VS. Ability

"Nothing can stop me from loving you~ you~ you~"
OMG! I can't wait for their comeback. ;)

Okay. Back to entry.

I wonder which from the title will win the battle two weeks later. :/

"What are you doing today?"

"I'm doing my best today..."

But I guess my best wasn't enough because I had to screw things up and receive scoldings along with a reply:
"But why so blurr?!" to the above conversation... T.T

My occasional bruised confidence makes me doubt my suitability. But then again, I always end up standing strong the next time before getting all ____ed up again~ Lol. sigh~ I'm not the type to give up this easily but this is really tiring. I really wanna get these over and done with!!! :(

I know I cannot have expectations this time round because my abilities speak otherwise but I JUST CAN'T HELP IT ONE LEH. Lol. Can't expect me to expect a fail right?! Lol. Although I keep saying that I know that I'll fail and I don't mind failing, they are all just bullshit to divert my own attention from my expectations. x.x

That aside; to those who were concerned about my previous entry, sleeping always erases all my emo thoughts so thank you and don't worry. :) AND! Lol. This is not an emo-ish entry. I am just disappointed in the above... :D

And to lighten the mood of this entry. I've uploaded some pictures~~ Lol.

Back to the trekking entry.. Lol.
Weishan finally uploaded some picture... =.= One lazy bum! Lol.

While we had subway breakfast, this Uncle here went to smuggle Laksa in. LOL.




Because we didn't take many pictures the day before; we took a lot on Thursday. LOL!

Last Thursday, went swimming with girls, had lunch and headed to Hougang Plaza's KBox. It was a fun time over at KBox with Bingcheng and Edmond joining us this time round. (: But, we weren't as high as we used to be back then. LOL! Definitely not due to swimming; but I bet it's due to the full tummy! Lol. We had a pretty heavy lunch.

So, we end up taking turns to drop dead when the other was singing. LOL!

Oh oh oh! I am a bit tanned right now and my mother can't stop exclaiming how ugly I look in that tan. Zzz LOL! Being her child for like 18 years, I think this is the first time she's repeating my ugliness SO MANY TIMES! And, she's making me hate tanned Jasmine. Zzz Lol. I don't even remember her saying me ugly so many times for my 18 years of life man! Lol.

LOL! Sorry, side tracked again. =x

Edmond in the house~

Bingcheng in the house~~~ =x
Softest singer ever! LOL~

Student one again. huhu~~

When others were singing... kekeke.

I changed my nail colours again! Lol. Damn bored ah. Also because I didn't take good care so it keeps chipping off. Zzz

Most of the time; Yanling and I sang the most. LOL! Like seriously; we were the only onews who were near hogging the mic~ Lol. ***OMG! I can't believe I typed onew when I wanted to type ones. Zzz That was definitely NOT on purpose... Lol.
I think I'm losing my grip on English. Like seriously! Suddenly can't spell properly or speak as fluently. Damn luh~~ Please when you talk to me; try to speak in English. LOL!

Should be quite obvious who took all these pictures ya? LOL!
How Yanling was damn bored luh~ But she sang as many songs as I did lo~ Lol. And for the first time; we didn't had enough songs to hit 7pm! Lol. We usually have to skip a lot of songs at the end one leh. :/ Lol.

After KBox, headed down to Serangoon to have dinner with Weishan, Gary and Samuel over at chompchomp. Yaping came after like.. 1hr and a half?! Lol. And I was stoning already. So, decided to just cab home~~ :D

As for the days I haven't been blogging; they were pretty mundane. (More of because I can't remember what happened!) Lol.
I remember some! Friday afternoon was spent with Weishan to settle Christmas things and we chatted for like... 2hours?! Lol. I did most of the talkings some more~~~ And, FOR ONCE~ She listened to my rants of KPop and even commented on some artistes. LOL! Too bored.
And for Saturday, I headed out with my mother and her friends. Seeing myself to love hanging out with Aunties. LOL! WAIT~~~ More of like there to eat free good food lo~ LOL! Because I was just spacing out and staring into the air when they were talking. Food wasn't as interesting either. :( Must be too tired. :D

So anyhow, I had a fun time doing what I did for the past few days... And, I am absolutely glad that I'm getting closer to a few friends! (THIS IS JUST RANDOM!)

Jolene Yaping Eloise! Grace!

Excited to be meeting some friends tomorrow! ^^ Can't wait~ Lol. Hopefully, I get to take lots of random and UGLY shots of my friends tomorrow to blog them! Hohoho~ They are not cam-whorers so; I think there'll be lots of hiding shots or some sort. Hahaha...
And I hope my muffins would come out great tomorrow too.... :d

I love you, BB!

Peace off people.

Till here and goodbye~ :D

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