Thursday, October 08, 2009

Just Jasmine.

Just got home (tad long ago...) from a long, nice and fun day with friends. Though I'm frigging tired right now; my mind is filled with so many random thoughts, I thought it was going to explode from being overloaded...

** I am going to be EXTREMELY wordy in this entry.

When I got home, talked to my mum, bathed and kiss my skeeping dad goodnight. It was then I realize; I haven't been spending much quality time with them.
I have no idea how long has it been but I've been either stuck in my room glued to my lappy doing stupid stuffs or heading out till late night. :( And because of those, I miss my family.
Sounds weird, but ya I miss them even though I see them every single day.

Need to start communicating more. I've always thought about how fortunate I am to have who and what I have. And I'm always treasuring everything I have; but I don't think I'm putting in much effort to be more involved in the lives of my loved ones... :(

Need to stop being glued to my lappy!

Then, I came go my room and unintentionally stared at my sleeping sister grinding her teeth. In that few seconds, I almost tear. It was because I thought about her thinning jaw/gum... Just freaks me out when I have thoughts of negative things happening to any family member of mine or just people I love.
I'm never the best sister around, Im always pissy with her and I don't think I treat her well but, it inevitably hurts me when I see her suffering or whatsoever.

It's a long story about my sister. And no, it's not anything near life threatening.

From there, I thought about the money that might be needed for her treatment. And was glad we didn't go overseas. So far, I've been enjoying my days in the small dot. It was then I realize I don't need to spend so much to travel to have fun or to relax because what matters most is the people I have around me. (I really wanted to escape from small dot initially...)

Then, I was super grateful to those who were always having budget fun with me all these while. Just sitting down to talk makes me feel good and relaxed. I have no idea why the hell did I make a big fuss initially about not being able to travel. I was effing dumb.

Yes, I am very emotional and sensitive now... Zzz And yes, those were ALMOST exactly what I was thinking about within fifteen minutes...
I bet my friend's coming to visit soon, if you know what I mean.

Sentimental things aside, I'm typing this in my iTouch and my eyes feel superrrrrr tired. But, I'm glad I got all these out...

Thanks for reading, (if you did bother to).
Goodnight, and I love you.

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