Sunday, May 08, 2016

An Artistic Birthday

My favourite duckie aka the clique's Ling Jie turned 25 yesterday!!
(Just posted it and it's way past midnight; her birthday was 2 days ago on the 6th!)

My camera will always have plenty of her pictures when we hang out, and since it's her birthday, I shall let her have the honour of appearing multiple times in this entry today~ lol.

Same same, but different.
Which side do you like better?

Wild Honey always give off this very comfortable feeling - like a home with the decorations, sofas and pillows!

There, many sides of our funny blur friend. Lol.
She's "傻大姐" on my phone contact. hehe.

@Wild Honey X!

Since I had planned for today's activity to be painting at Arteastiq, I thought we could also settle our brunch there. But, we went without a reservation and it was so crazy packed! Waited for a while before we decided to check out another place to eat. Pity!! We were too hungry.

But Wild Honey is good - Haven't check out the place in the longest time (last time was in 2014, wow)!!!

Brought her to Arteastiq (X) because it is something out of our usual. I've been trying to exhaust as many things to do here aside from just eating and chilling. :D Today was slightly way out of our usual and comfort zone because we are not artistic or creative. hahaha.

It was a nice time just staring into blank for me!

Blank white canvas. Lol.

I had so many ideas I would like to translate into this white canvas............. Googled so many images for reference, but I just couldn't pencil what I wanted. :( I drew a few things, but erased them all because they looked weird. Size was not proportional.

In the end, I drew what I draw best.................... And it wasn't even straight!!!!

Kesslyn and her flower.

&Here's my heart. The shape I like the most.

A slight problem we have with these painting session is.... Though it kindda is therapeutic, we actually don't know where to keep or whom to give our paintings!! Lol. I certainly did not want to keep it as a white elephant. So since my Dad's birthday was near, I am keeping it for him as a surprise. Teehee!

After a stressful 3 hours (felt like double the time); it actually took quite a while because we had to wait for the paint to dry - for me my base background before I can paint the heart.... Yes, I painted the entire canvas black and blue first because I kindda gave up. LOL. Then I draw the heart over it. When we were finally done with the painting, we also had to wait for it to dry a little more before they could pack it for us to bring back home.

Anyway, as I was saying..... after our session, we met up with Jiaxuan for dinner!

She wasn't interested in painting, otherwise it would have been a great time together. Boohoo.

Dinner was at a place Jiaxuan recommended because it was affordable good food, and someone she know works there. More discounts!!!

Shared these and a bowl of soup!
I cannot remember what is the name of the restaurant. X:
But it is located near.... Never mind, I really can't remember.

A free cake from the restaurant too!
Perks of knowing someone who works there. HEHE.

&That was our night. ♥

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