Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's Her Birthday Again!!!

Not feeling my best right now, so here's quick update of my day before I concuss!

Applied half day again (totally clearing my balance leave, slow and steadily heh) and met up with Jolene for a movie!

Watched 'Captain America: Civil War' with a third wheeler, aka my Dad.
HAHAHA. It is so weird!
But I'm super glad Jolene was cool with it.

Was suppose to continue the evening with the others, but Jolene totally forgot about that dinner plan and made other arrangements (tsktsktsk). I started to feel nausea in the evening, but I thought I should still show my face in case they start missing me too much. HAHAH.

So, I popped by the Japanese restaurant the guys were at and 'surprised' Kesslyn; because she thought I couldn't make it. HEHE.

Didn't know where to go after dinner, so we just roamed around Bugis for a bit before heading to my place. Unfortunately, my place is still the go-to-place after so many years. Especially when we have no where else to go. Not complaining though! I get companions to go home with! Hehehe.

Here's Lance infront of sexy bums because we know he likes it. Lol.
He is always forever leaving our plans early. Pfft.
That's why he's not in the first picture of this entry.

And now, I must go.


PS: Can't wait for Friday! Gonna spend a day with le sis.

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