Friday, May 13, 2016

Another Birthday : Sister's!!

Took the day off today and spent some time with le sister!!


Such a nice picture of them both.

Shot taken last night when her friends came by to surprise her.. It's like a yearly thing they do; Very sweet of them, but kindda predictable, but still a surprise for the sister. Lol. It's like... she really never expect her friends to do it (again), because she always tell them not to. Them doing a reverse psychology on her, maybe? Purposely surprising her because she say not to. hahaha.

This year, I'm all about doing something different.... First was my birthday; picnic-ed in Lazarus Island and checking out fishes in Sea Aquarium. Then, it was Haniza's birthday; had fun at Trick Eye Museum. And most recently, Kesslyn's birthday; being artsy.

So for my sister..........................


We also had lunch at TCC first. Their birthday month 50% off, FTW!! I am also a little sick today. Meh. This damn flu.
But ain't no flu gonna stop us having fun!

Back to the exhibit!

Though it's a work day, there was still quite a crowd!
Don't people have to work? :X

The exhibit was a lot of fun, though slightly more.... kiddish.

Getting our fingers dirty with the crayon!

Sister's UFO and my hideous house.

Clearly, my dad's artistic flair only went to my sister. :( There's even shading and a little depth to her UFO! Mine is just a house with terrible color scheme. I bet a kid can do so much better. BOO!

Seeing our artwork come to life!
It is cool how our 2D arts went up and became 3D!


I like these colour-changing blocks of squares.

At this point, my sis and I had a little tiff. LOL! So typical of us; can never hangout without quarrelling once. But it was short-lived. &So, no silhouette picture of me here. :(


So overrated, but it was gorgeous! After a few shots, we just stood there and look at the lights change and glitter. Such a beauty.

After the museum, we headed out to check out Gardens by the Bay!

Singapore is gorgeous, isn't it? Even with these fake trees.

It is our first time checking out the flower domes! Paid to go in because it was tulip season~ Also because.... air-conditioned. HEHE.

They say, 'One man's Tulip is another man's onion'.
Nothing relevant to anything here today, just wanted to type that because tulip. HAR.

Look at the colours! And the humans!

So.... I'm not really a flowers person.. And I hardly take pictures of just flowers~ But they were gorgeous! I loved the colours, so here are some shots! Took the chance to play with my camera too. HEHE.

(Also because there was nothing else to do, just looking at them felt kindda lame? Lol.)

This is natural ombre leh! The pink to purple!!!

Happy sis.

Full blown and pink colour!

The other dome.
Super cooling!

Some selfies with tulips!

After admiring the flowers and enjoying the sun in the airconditioned domes (hehe), we strolled back to Marina Bay and had tea!

Scones and a pretty dessert to end our afternoon together. ^^

Headed back to meet the parents for dinner thereafter.

Overall a very good day because it was a great time well spent with le sister. ^^

Okay, favourite shots to end the entry!

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