Saturday, April 23, 2016


So cheesy we both. LOL!
PS: Not lesbian. hahahaha.

It was Haniza's birthday 3 days ago and we decided to do something different for our birthdays this year! Visited the Sea Aquarium to celebrate mine (read here!), and yesterday we went to check out Singapore's very own Trick Eye Museum!!! ^^

But before that, we caught the "Disney's The Jungle Book" in Gold Class.

Seriously, what kinda movie for Gold Class right? HAHAH. Nothing else to watch la.
But it was a good experience.

Spent too much on the tickets and didn't think the meals were worth the price at Gold Class, so we headed out for something more affordable for lunch. :X

Monster Curry with add-ons to share!

So full thereafter. Almost fell asleep in the theater. :X Or maybe... I did?

Back at the Gold Class lounge waiting for our movie to start.

Comfy chairs! I think I really did fall a sleep a little. :X

Comparing Gold Class and Shaw's Premiere, I prefer the latter - A lot more affordable @ $25 with $5 food voucher! Gold Class is at $39 with nothing.......... Lol. Comfort level is similar to me, so Gold Class isn't worth that $14 more. I am now trying to recall of Premiere provides blankets.... :/ But then again, if you're scared of cold, just bring your own cardigan! I'm not a fan of sharing blankies. :X

PS: Premiere does have blankies provided too!

Nonetheless! We enjoyed the nice afternoon watching a movie laying down.

The movie was good.
But I really think I did fall asleep for a bit at the end. HAHAHA.

&Off we walked to the Trick Eye Museum at Sentosa!

&Here we are, to the start of many other arts.

I have been to just one other Trick Eye Museum before - In Korea X. I enjoyed myself there with the family; It was quite fascinating how angles changes an image.. But it was a lot more fun with a friend! Slightly crazier too. HAHAHA.

Like this!!! Running for a shot after setting the camera's timer. Hahahah.
Damn joke. We felt really drained after the visit.

I am so glad we visited on a weekday - half day leave (out of my pathetic 12) applied, but so worth it! Less crowd, means more nice pictures and more time around! Less frustration too.

If there's too many people, it could feel stuffy... Like me here stuck with a gigantic baby. LOL.

So difficult to take this shot!
And that man outline is not for short people........ LOL.

One of my favourite shots!

Ballerina's would look nice in a denim top and their tutus too, isn't it? Lol.

Haniza found her Korean boyfriend too! It's so difficult to fit in wtf. Lol.

Mermaids would look nicer with denim tops too!
Better than having just their hair and seashells over their boobs. Hahaha.

We are actually very light, you see...Hahaha.

More cheesy "I Love You" shots.

I like this series of us too!

When I post this, it'll be captioned "So much to do, so little time"

Sky diving for another time this woman.
But actually, she was laughing really hard trying not to slip off the man. HAHAHA.
The other shots were less natural than this, surprisingly. HAHA.

If dinosaurs were alive, I picture myself being unable to escape and will be trapped just like this.

On the very same day she found a Korean boyfriend, she met another man to dance.
Cheater!!!! Lol.

This is why girls should always find men taller than them. LOL.
This is already me tiptoe-ing my hardest!!!
Lucky me, I'm so short, it'll be easy to find someone taller than me.

Second attempt and doing it right!

Me coming back to the evil baby to smack him! Lol.

Art of Love...............
What Love?! Lol.

Same same, but different.

&Yes, we both enjoyed the museum!

... A little too much, too hard. Hahaha.

After having a great time in the museum for half the day, we settled down in Hard Rock cafe for a nice dinner. No pictures because we were exhausted, and it was too dark for nice pictures. We shared a platter and a cocktail before ending the night with the good live music. :)

It's nice to take an afternoon off from work sometimes... Even though we have the weekend to rest up, it's different. Or at least in my opinion. Heading out can feel exhausting, so if we do it over the weekend, it kind of shortens the weekend rest? So taking half day off on a Friday makes it feel like we got an extended weekend? Chiong Friday then rest up on weekends. HEHE.

Okay, bye!!!

Saturday rest time starts now!!!

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