Sunday, February 28, 2016

Beach Please!

Part 1 : Picnic @ Lazarus Island

Today was so so so much fun!!!! It's been such a long time since we did something out of the usual; like.. eat and hangout in air-conditioned places. Meh.

Instead, we met up early this sunny Sunday, went out to an island and enjoyed a picnic-brunch at a beautiful beach! ⛱️ There was hardly anyone, so it felt like a private party for 3. Hahaha.

BEAUTIFUL BACKDROP! So unreal. Water so clear!
It is exceptionally pretty because there's NO ONE photobombing :X

I love a place with not much crowd, better still.. No crowd! It's a Sunday, can you believe it?! Lol.

Lazarus Island is slightly off St. Johns' island: Read up on St. John's here~
There are only reviews on Lazarus Island, so google it up if you're interested! (:

We wanted to make full use of the day, but didn't want to meet up too early on a Sunday. Lol. So, the agreed time was to board the second ferry @ 11AM. (The first one is at 9AM, insane!) Scheduled to meet at Marina South Pier station at 10:30AM, but I woke up late :X AND WASN'T LATE! Because, these 2 jokers went to the wrong MRT station. LOL! They alighted and waited for me at Marina Bay. Silly women.

Anyway~ Got the tickets ($18 for return), and off we go!

Morning excited faces!

The ferry took about 15 minutes.

So much green! ♥

An island, off our island~
It's like a mini within a mini!

Some shots on the way before we settled down at Lazarus Island. We took the first wrong turn by the way. Took a while to find out how to go to Lazarus Island. hahaha. Such a small place, but still confusing.

Anyway, after you alight from the ferry and walk to the shore, turn left to Lazarus Island - From the direction of my picture.

Of course, we turned right first. LOL.

A map we tried to read, but got lost anyway~

It's like East Coast, isn't it?
Just less people. There's really hardly anyone!

This would be your view when you turn right. Less the 2 ladies.
&I just realize you could still see all the buildings!

Here's excited us, thinking we were on the right way and reaching Lazarus Island soon.
Little did we know. . . Lol.

In this picture, you could also see how close a 15-minute ferry ride is. To your left, you see buildings from Singapore and our right you see the greenery~ So close.

It felt like a really long walk from our starting point because we were all hungry........ But then, we weren't really that far off before we realized we were heading the wrong way luh.

This is only 15 minutes after walking from the harbour, and Kesslyn already started to eat........... Lol.
Jiaxuan giving up and checking out the direction.

And that's when we realize we started off the wrong direction. Didn't stop and turned back to hurry to the right side............

Another 15 minutes later~~~

Gorgeous sight!
To the right, there's this vast green space filled with plenty of trees! So peaceful...

This is the right way to Lazarus Island. There are humans in this shot, but I don't think they were headed to Lazarus Island... Didn't see them when we were there.

Couldn't resist taking a few shots.


The island is pretty big, you probably need about 20 minutes to walk from the start to the other end? Is that not big? Lol. You could see the end from the start though... Maybe not that big.

Anyway, we wanted to be away from a group that was at the start of the island, so we moved a little deeper into the island... cleared of humans.

Quickly set up our mats and what not....

4 of them items are my favourite!

Too much for three? Definitely. Lol.

I love having picnics! Not many see the appeal because hot sun and no tables, but I just really enjoy doing things out of the usual. Sitting outdoors, eating and chilling..... :)

A little sun can't hurt anyway................... No wait.. It did. We are burning so bad right now. T_T Like for real, I can't really wear my t-shirt without cringing because my back is burning so bad.


In Lazarus Island, there was hardly any clouds! Sky and sea so blue. It was a gorgeous sight that gave us a painful burn. All three of us. LOL. Serve us right for not preparing more protection though. SO REMEMBER TO BRING SUNSCREEN!

Special salad Kesslyn made; Vegetable and Fruits.
They were good! Colourful with different flavours and crunch!
Pity the fruits were kindda melted already. :(

Can only blame ourselves because we wanted to make full use of the day, and chose to have picnic at the hottest time of the day. LOL.

A+ for effort!
The jars made it so instagrammable too!

One cake for us each~

What's a birthday celebration without a cake, right? hehehe.

Apart from today's expenses, the girls also got me a Hershel backpack!!! Can't wait for it to arrive! HEHE.

Us and food!
Couldn't finish all, obviously, but we had satisfied tummy. I think our food portion was good for a party of 5? But I was too greedy, I WANTED EVERYTHING!

After food, we enjoyed the scenery and took plenty of pictures!

ps: I brought my tripod, in case you're wondering how some shots were taken.

美女 Kesslyn~

More pictures together!

Anyway, the yacht behind us... There were people on it. Enjoying their Sunday as much as we were~
The children were having times of their lives jumping into the water and floating around... Good life.. They came up for a bit when we were almost done too~ Maybe we could do that next time! At least there's shade and less sun. Lol.

So overexposed this shot.
We were kneeling, not having our legs buried!

Can you see us slowly turning red? Lol.

Jiaxuan was the most obvious to be honest. LOL.

I'm a little sad that my already tanned areas are more tanned now, and the parts that were fair...... a little tanned. Sigh. These unevenness!

Took plenty of Polaroid shots!

And after arranging that, we were done with our 3-hour fun at Lazarus Island. :) Slowly packed up and headed back to St. John's island to find a washing area.

Walked all the way back to where we realize we were going the wrong way earlier~ Under the hot sun, for a second, I wondered if it was a bad idea. But.... NAH! I really did enjoy myself out there. Just... need that damn sunscreen next time.

The bathrooms weren't very clean, but it was good enough to wash up. There's only 2 cubicles so we took turn. Felt safer too, since it was beside the Men's wash area and there were a few guys outside. Lol. The toilets are pretty opened - As in, people can just walk in and peep above the door and stuff. The one that I went in even has a spoiled door lock!

Looking and feeling fresh after showering~

Before the burning took effect.

Couldn't decide where to go after an afternoon out.... Exhausted after being burnt by the sun. Lol. But while ferrying back, I suddenly had a craving for Peranakan food! And off we went to Vivo City~


Good choice of dinner place though~ We got to sit all the way back on the MRT. :X

&That was when our true lobster colours came out.

It is really very bad. LOL.

I like this shot below so I'm posting it again~ Also because of the lobster caption.

Sidetrack: Blogging this in 2017 Aug, and just looking at the pictures we took, reminded me of the pain. The sunburn lasted SO LONG!!! I was in pain for a week. No joke, no exaggeration! I had to slap SO MUCH Aloe Vera gel that I finished one bottle. Couldn't even wear t-shirts without feeling a little pain and was in tank tops for the first few days (at home).

It also made me cry at one point because my mum applied some suspicious cream, apparently from China, and it made the burning even worse!!! It intensified the pain!!!! She even had the nerve to laugh while her daughter screamed and cried in pain. Burning pain! It was insane..... Lesson learnt the hard way.

Blogging this is also making me miss that day of fun.. Would really like another day out at the beach to have a picnic~ Just, gotta remember the sunscreen... Cannot emphasize enough. Lol.

Okay~ Back. Last few shots with the girls before I end this entry!

I am so grateful for the good weather though!
Would have been more bummed out if it actually rained.

Super happy we did this today.

More celebrations coming up!

Peace out!
ps: Pardon the terrible tanned parts of my body.

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