Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Need A Replay~

Best Semester Break EVER!

Best Semester Break EVER!

Best Semester Break EVER!

I just can't stop repeating that, can I? Lol.

Best Semester Break EVER! =x

Today, I feel extremely chatty and long-winded. (:

Good mood + Exhaustion = HIGH JASMINE!

Can't remember the procedure of what I've done this morning but the main highlight was this huge cockroach. I swear, my house is clean!!! But; damn these pests. I don't understand why were they even created to be killed by annoyed humans. Zzz

There was this cockroach on one of my cardboard in the kitchen. I wanted to kill it since I've done it twice (Onces ALL BY MYSELF!) BUT! Omg, it was moving damn freaking fast. Well, sort of; it only moved a little. But, it's damn obvious it'll move fast. Lol. So; I dropped the idea and kept it in the kitchen. =x I was so disgusted, I didn't get to cook breakfast. Zzz

Headed out, donut for breakfast, met Yanling and Jiaxuan before hitting the pool. Woohoo! I'm slightly tanned now. Kekeke. Then, had lunch with them nearby. I HAD ALMOND AGA AGA! Omg, best man!


They should seriously clean the mirror. Zzz

These girls... Lol.

Bus-ed to Xiaoxuan's house leaving the other two to go ahead with their own activities. BAKED! Omg omg omg! It was damn successful~~ Hohoho! Now we can all confirm that an oven is a pretty important factor to a successful bake~~ Lol.

They taste really nice too! :D
I'm so happy that the almond flakes got this really nice roasted colour. (:


Second batch!
Though there were... 13? We had to spilt; so, I got 8 people to select and let them taste it. kekeke.

It has a little brownie taste to it.. (:

Her "morning" just-wake-up-face wasn't ready for the camera. :(
No difference though; still the same face. =x LOL!




Came home, tuition-ed and here I am!

Actually, I was suppose to go meet Weishan and co. over at Yaping's place; but, I'm too sleepyy and almost lost my sanity so home is a better choice to stay put in. Kekeke. WAKING UP EARLY TOMORROW AGAIN! Woohoo!! Then, pool before KBox! Yes ah~

ME love free Kbox session. (: With favourite friends somemore.... Woooo~~

I just remembered! Xiaoxuan's clothes are with me. :'( Sorry TXX!

If only I can have these kindda views daily from home...
I love greens~~~ Lol.
(From outside Xiaoxuan's place)

The ugly side. LOL!
Singapore, the small dot... Full of buildings and constructions~~

Oh yeah; I am so effing upset that I'm reaching my image upload quota in blogger. :'( How can siol?! Why doesn't it get set back to 0 monthly?! They seriously should do that to retain hardcore bloggers like me! Lol. So... Hm... Should I use Photobucket or Flickr to upload pictures when I've exceeded the quota? :/ Flickr has awesome image quality like omg! Lol.
STOP~ There's still quite some time to exceeding it; so, I shall just leave that hard decision when it's due...

Chatting with Eloise right now~ (;
AND THAT REMINDS ME! I suddenly have the craving to play mahjong. Zzz She totally made me wanna play it because we were discussing about it few days back. :( But, no carkey! kaki leh! :( I AM GOING TO BE SELECTIVE THIS TIME OKAY~~ Lol. But I'm really afraid it's going to be half-past-six again. :( Lazzzzzzzzy.
Why doesn't Weishan, Jolene and Yaping play the actual mahjong?! :( They should seriously learn the real way to play mahjong instead of the scrabble style. Lol.

Eloise! I'm singing to "Replay/Noona Neomu Yeppeo" right now WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE LYRICS!!! Lol.

*Honey, honey, honey~~

Okay. Till here.
Me tired; sleeping early today.

Goodbye pests. (:

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