Monday, October 12, 2015


It has barely been a month since I posted the entry about my work plans (Questions); The plan to leave in the next 6 months. Yet, it seems like my course is going to change. :/ Life and its' unpredictability, and as usual, change being the only constant in life.

Had a relatively long talk with my supervisor earlier today. News. If the things he shared were true, I'd better buck up and work hard to absorb as much as I can in this current environment. I need all the knowledge I can get to progress... To progress somewhere.

It's been slightly more than a year with them, and sometimes when I look back, I wonder how much have I progressed from Day 1. Things are a lot easier now, but I haven't really learned a truckload of things. Not to a level that I am actually satisfied with myself. The work has been extremely administrative, and minimally project managing... which is sad. I don't think what I do now requires much of a skill... :/

I have never pictured myself as a high flying career woman, leading people and dedicating jobs to subordinates, but I sure did not see myself still stuck with administrative work at the age of 25 as well. The reality I am in right now is depressing.

Well, I am just glad I am still grounded. Grounded and not greedy to think that I deserve a lot more than I actually do. Adequate expectations.

I find it rather amusing when I know the ambitious of others.... How they perceive their own great capabilities when actually....... we're all still too fresh, too young, too new, to be demanding for anything so great; Something so much more than we actually deserve. It is always good to believe that you are a capable person, that's confidence. But I don't think setting an expectation too far fetched from where you are is something wise.

At the end of the day, we will never know what's in store for us next. For change is the only constant we will have in life.

What I want now, is to just do my very best and take one step at a time.

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