Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wash Your Hands Too~

Okay, I'm here to do an update for the sake of updating because I have nothing much to do any more after like 2-3 hours of surfing the web, getting updated and blog hopping. xD I.AM.BORED.

Anyway, driving's alright this morning. But I hope I'll get more confidence when doing turns~~... -.- Test up in about... Xmonths. :S How how how????
Lance-ah, let's find one day to visit temples and to waterloo. Hurhur~

Since Year1 Semester1, I haven't had a headache until today. I think the heat is killing me... -.- Totally totally killing me~~ It feels like my head is exploding any minute now. Zzz No-no to pain killers for me too, -.- HOW?! This is terribleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Omo! I just remembered. I was re-watching some non-local variety show about hypnotism. I didn't even believe think it actually exist!! It looked extremely creepy and scary but the end results seem appealing. LOL! If sleeping for 5 minutes can be equivalent to sleeping for 5 hours or even more, why not? I think many of us right now needs that. LOL. Save time and yet at the same time, get enough rest to finish up the day. :S Lol. We might have better memory... Or amazingly, score well for tests. LOL!
Then again, if people use it in a bad way, tsktsktsk~

Okay. Many braincells died from heat.


PS: Shocking to know some acquaintance? friends? people? schoolmate? actually reads my blog. hehehe~~


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