Thursday, August 13, 2009


Just got back home from driving. Though tired; I have the urge to blog. My mind is so occupied, it feels like it's going to explode anytime.

It's going to be a long entry.

So just skip it if you're uninterested.

As tweet, parking was initially challenging but today's lesson is on parallel parking and I think it's insane. After the first 3/4 of the lesson, my left feet sore like mad. Later than I realise, my seat was not the usual. Lol. Was a bit A BIT far back, from usual, that I had to exert a LITTLE more pressure on the clutch. Lol. I CAN STILL REACH THE CLUTCH but had a tad TAD difficulty. LOL. Adjusted seat after which and felt damn silly~~

Adding to my silliness, halfway through driving or rather, parking- I suddenly forgot where's my "brake"... LOL! I almost struggled because I got confused with my "accelerator" and "brake"... Almost laughed at myself just now. :S LOL!

I think I need a lot more practise for parallel parking because it's freaking tough. I keep mixing up and forgetting the "steps" - some of the turning doesn't even make sense to me. x; LOL. My goal is to pass practical test in one shot. But after today's lesson. :S I'm having doubts... Geez...

A little upset about it but.. what made me feel even worse was the flashbacks I had on the way home. Flashbacks that I really don't wanna have.. =.= Things have changed over time. My room, the playground, my ex-"study" room, my living room, my neighborhood's surrounding and almost everything. But, some old memories remain deeply in love with me. -.- Really sucks.
I have no idea why but when I was walking home the memories started to play in my mind like as if they were a movie... Boy these are just some annoying things I really wanna forget... Like seriously.

I feel so upset. So crushed that I don't even have the appetite to eat despite being pretty famished beforehand. :S

Sigh... I wish something could replace all these...

Till here.

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