Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hmm... I'm thinking!

Jolene♥ says:
*so far, me, you and gay okay

That was a conversation I had with Jolene last night.
Don't think I need to spell the name of the "Gary"...LOL!

Okay, a random blog entry because I was thinking what I should do for the coming holidays. :E Lol. Yes, exams are not over yet- (they haven't even started!) but I just couldn't help thinking about after exams. :S To work, rot at home or... just have fun with friends? Lol.
I have no idea what I should do during holidays lehhhhh. Mum wants me to work but Dad doesn't want me to. :S And, I'm a tad tad reluctant to do so too... Tuition's income is good enough but rotting at home is like... =.= aish!
Wait, there's no link why I have to blog still right? Lol~~


Oh ya, my book!
Reading is jjang !!!
Makes me feel at ease~~


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