Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Working in PizzaHut/SMRT/KFC?

The moment I looked at the mirror today, I thought I looked like someone working in PizzaHut. xD LOL!

And a few classmates kept saying I'm from SMRT or KFC. =.= Lol.

Wrong choice of top colour.

Anyhow, went ahead to school for our final presentation- one, I think we've screwed. :S

Presentation didn't go so well.
  1. We were the last group to present and just when things were alright for the rest, the projector decides to play a fool for my group. MY GROUP ONLY. -,-
  2. Individual Marker (IM) kept blaming my laptop when the problem lies with the stupid projector~~
  3. Animation I did for out PPT TOTALLY DIDN'T WORK AT ALL. =.=
  4. PPT seemed to be useless after all...
  5. The IM seem to ignore all my explanations. =.=|||
  6. IM kept asking why we didn't ask our tutor for help. He clearly has NO IDEA that our tutor was actually NOT THAT USEFUL AT ALL~~
But I mostly agree with the tutor regarding the lack of organization and functions in our site. Anyhow, it's over. Just hope he grade us well...
Wait. I just hate that tutor for repeatedly blaming my laptop when the problem was with the projector and the extremely lousy cable. Really. :@

After the pretty much screwed up and frustrating presentation we took a long time to decide on the place to have lunch and where watch "G.I. Joe"~~ Finally decided on Bishan. Movie-d with Gary, Hadi, Fredrick and Weiming and Daohong, Josher and Darius went home after lunch. :S

Movie was great; action-packed.
3.5/5 ratings for me. Hadi gave it a 4. Plot was okay for me.
Graphics were so-so, seen better ones ~~ At some point of time (a few seconds only), I thought I was watching cartoon. x;

I'm more of a comedy person so... not many action-packed movies attracts me. LOL!

Movie-d and home~~

The book I'm reading right now... :D

I can totally hear Weishan complain: "Stop taking self-shots..."

Buh bye people~

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