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EDMOND'S BDay Chalet~

Hello! :D

Just got back from Edmond's chalet, slacking&movie at AMK Hub and dinner.

I feel very sick and reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sleepy right now. Throbbing head, a bad sore in the throat (I don't wanna get throat infection, please!) heavy heavy heavy eyelids and an unfocused mind - but, I wanna adjust my sleeping time back to normal. Lol. No more late night sleeps. Thus, I'm using the time I have now to totally deplete my energy (Many knows how long I'll take to finish blogging. Lol.) before 10pm where I'll then, hit the sack. :):):):):):):):):):)

Here to update about the really enjoyable chalet for the past two days! :D

Hope you liked the shirt I've bought (In the picture~~) and undoubtedly our companion for the night/day! :D

May our friendship continue to bond strong~~ :)

Really have to thank Edmond for like... organising the chalet and of course, inviting us. ;)
Hope it was a blast to the start of his 18th year in life.


Though I slept like really early late the day before (at... 5am?!), I woke up at 9 to prepare before heading off to Edmond's place. :D Reason being, a few of us had to help out - waited, waited and waited.
Boy, Edmond's brother can really get on one's nerve! Lol. He kept hitting us~ Also, I realise that his family doesn't talk; they do more shouting. Haha. &&& To add on to this; I was already feeling a tad unwell with an uneasy throat. $%^&^$#$%^

Before heading down to Pasir Ris, sent by his mother, I finally helped Edmond register for the driving thingy. Lol.
Anyway, checked-in and started to load the stuffs to the chalet before we actually got dirty - cleaning the place. LOL~ It was superrrrrrr dusty!

The chalet... Double storey chalet is so much better! Clean floors for sleeping! :D

The other helpers~~



Getting our hands and legs wet! Lol.
(FYI: I got help out also one k~~ :D)

Bingcheng and Jiaxuan having lunch.

It was amazing how a pack of milo could last me the whole day!! Or rather, I guess I was lacking too much sleep that my appetite is affected - Somehow lose mood to eat...

The outsideeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Afterwhich, slacked slacked slacked before Yanling, Weibin, Zhixiong, JinHui and LiJian came.


Arrival of Weibin and Zhixiong~

Jiaxuan trying her best to set BBQ fire with some help from the guys~
It took them a long long long long long time to try setting the fire - but at the end of the evening, it wasn't successful. Oh well. Lijian to the rescue!!

OMG! I really like this picture! ;x

Preparing for BBQ~

Getting crabsticks out. Lol.

I just realise I didn't get to eat a well-cooked corn! BOO!
Had only one, and that one was wayyyyyyyyyy under cooked~

Lijian came and *BOOM! BBQ fire was done without much difficulties...
(Guys ah, better learn something from him. LOL!)

Meanwhile, Yanling Jiaxuan Bingcheng Jinhui Weibin Edmond and I took a long walk to Cheers and then EHub to get some alcohol and drinks for night activities. ^^
OHOH! It's really irritating lo- Almost everywhere we went, there were TP-ians around. :(
Yanling - Super Internet.
Jiaxuan - Wide Area Network.
Feel so sadden. LOL!

Back to chalet and BBQ-ing started. By then, Edmond's family was there too~

That's a really nice smile alright, Edmond!

Just some shots...

(I have no idea who took the following pictures. Turned out reallyyyyyyy blur. -.-)

Though they fight, they can be seen doing really sweet stuffs to each other! Lol. Edmond's such a nice brother. Hahahah.


BBQ Fever~

Look at the fire's colour. SO COOL!

BBQ food was alright. At least, they were edible. Haha!
Ate quite a bit but sad that I missed the chicken because it was marinated with BLACK PEPPER! :'( Lol.
(Take note arh Jiaxuan!! Lol.)

Mashmellows anyone??
I have no idea why some are really crazy about it. So damn sweet (in a bad way).

Having time of our own...
Right opposite us were three really filled chalets. -.- Lol. And a few are from TPSU, I think? Really high uh.

Simple BBQ food, but great time together~ Memorable.

And that's Edwin! Edmond's youngest brother - and the naughtiest!! Kept bullying people and almost screaming his lungs out all the time.

Taking turns...

Busy chatting and BBQ-ing.

Caught in the moment!

Eddie (Ed's younger brother) & Karen (Ed's cousin). Both trying their best to avoid being filmed. LOL! Too bad. x;

Look at this funny girl here trying to act cute. Lol. She's actually trying to separate the bone of the corn, making it easier to eat. BUT...,
One - It isn't 100% cooked.
Two - Looked and was very messy! :D

But still, thanks la. :D

The last time we took such similar picture was like... at least 3 years back?! Lol.
May this friendship grow stronger everyday~ ;)


SEE! We have identical high gums! :D &&&, my teeth looks white in this picture - I likeeeeeeeeeeeee~
Edmond, where were you looking at?! Your eyes look so weird... ;x

Trying to get into the picture..
Spot me between Yanling and Lijian! Lol.

And I just realise how fair this group of guys are. Lol!

Edwin, Ed's youngest brother. The naughty and noisy one! Lol.

But but but, he's really cute la. Haha. When he wanted to pull us along to play a game (the piggy game Soohou taught) I taught, he really obeyed the conditions I had. Lol. Kids...

9years and still growing strong everytime I yell at her. LOL!

Main BBQ chef for the night - BINGCHENG! :D

Jinhui and some extras behind... :D

HAHAH! This shot was meant to be Karen's unglam side. BUT~ She struggles too much.
Look as if we were dancing right? LOL!

&&& I just remembered how rough they play siol. Haha. Felt like a kid when I played with them. But OMG! they are really rough. Lol. Hurts when they play real...


Moments we'll have a tough time forgetting...

SEE~ I told you I'll get it uploaded. That's for disturbing me and taking snapshots of me! hahahah.
(If she ever does drop by.)

Night's still young and hyper~

Too bad no one brought speaker over... Our chalet was considered one of the quietest among the rest in the area...


Look at Weibin and Jinhui in the first picture! LOL. So cute.

Edmond look like some leopard in the second picture right? Lol.

Peeling skin off the sweet potato for Birthday Boy.
IT WAS REALLY SWEET. (As in the sweet potato.)

Cake Cutting Timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Weeeee~ O.o

Nice right? Taste really good too.

Brotherly love. Lol.
Maybe it's not how good and sweet it looks like from the picture. Guys do fight, don't they?? :D

Making a wish...

(FYI; I always suck at that.)

Rosanne and Edmond.

The beautiful and handsome friends of Edmond~~ :D

"Ahhh?" O.O

One of my favourite pictures among the lot. DAMN CUTE RIGHT, BOTH OF THEM!

So after cake cutting, we were all left with eating cakes (duh~), eating some leftovers, playing some games before Edmond's family had to leave.


I can't remember what we did after his family left but I think it's very mundane. Like just slacking, TV-ing, chatting and eating desserts. Then, everyone (I think) helped out with clearing and cleaning before we headed to the bedroom to play... Uh oh! I can't remember what we played in sequence. -.- STM acting up again.

But anyway, we played the special Truth or Dare/Double Dare we came up with, Soohou's that piggy game, and of course; Inbetween. Ohoh! I forgot about Mahjong. Lol. I didn't play much though. Was too tired. ;x
Was only able to stay awake until... 5am? Or was it 4??? Lol.

Our special Truth or Dare/Double Dare game. :D

It was really challenging and exciting pleaseeee~ Lol. Especially when you're the one on the chopping board. Lol. It was very nerve wrecking when you're the one trying to finish your turn without sinking the cup. Lol. Everyone was really noisy luh. Lol.

By this time, Edmond's dad was around. He must have had a great time laughing at us. Haha!
Forfeit-ors for the night - Lijian(2 double dares), Bingcheng(1 truth), Edmond(1 dare), Jiaxuan(1 dare) and Me(1 truth). =.= Hahah!
Fun thing to it is; we can't choose what we want, we have to pick a card and that'll determine our fate. Haha! Lijian got like pretty bad dares; but I feel that mine was no better.

I was absolutely caught off guard with a truth question Yanling randomly thought of. -.- Lol! I finally understand how some people struggles to answer some questions. Lol.
It may not be the answer to the questions but actually the consequences. x.x Zzz

Piggy Game was next and we had hell lots of fun laughing and sabotaging each other. Lol. Weibin's the most pathetic victim of all because he was mostly sabotaged by Yanling with the upgrading.

Inbetween was fun. Almost everyone felt bloated after the game. But, no one was drunk. :D
Jiaxuan left halfway through this game around 3am? :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Usual Mahjong was up for the last activity. I'm actually getting pretty sick of Mahjong. =x

Help play 1-2 rounds before I "fell asleep" beside Yanling. Haha! Was mostly just resting. Couldn't really sleep until the last hour, I think? I was more of laying there to scare Edmond. Lol. Everytime he turn to get chips for Mahjong, I'll be looking at him with my whole face except my eyes, covered. Haha! Anyway...
Woke up having the guys sleeping around. Lazed on bed a while more before I sat outside the room with Yanling. THE ROOM WAS FREAKING COLD! Lol.

Chatted for a while before bathing.

Didn't exactly wanna take pictures because I felt crappy inside and looked reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy OMG~

Cui right?! Lol. Really omg. -.- Zzz

That'll sum up the chalet we've all enjoyed. :D Even though there were only... 10 of us, we really had fun. Maybe because the group was small, everyone was really close to each other and we were all enthu & sporty about the games! Lol. It's really really nice. :):):):)
(But, I hate staying overs! Lol. I hate the toilets. x=)

Woke up the rest when booking-out time was nearing. Cleared stuffs before we decide where to go. Lijian and Zhixiong left early leaving Yanling, Edmond, Weibin, Bingcheng and I walking to some coffee shop to look for Ed's mum. She fetched the stuffs back and sent us to AMK Hub! :D So nice. ;)
Had lunch at Subway (I was famished!!!) before we watching the movie; "The Pink Panther 2".
My overall rating for that movie - 2/5. It's pretty boring. You'll get laughing scenes almost every 10minutes but there are some parts that are boring, plain plain boring - like the middle scenes. Or maybe, we were just too tired. LOL! I wanted to just sleep lo. Boring~~

Oh, what a long entry. x.x

Hope you enjoyed the chalet as much as I did. :D

6years and counting! :D

PS: I suddenly feel like just backing out and focus on my academics. Pathetic as I am. IDC already!! :D

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