Tuesday, March 03, 2009

OMG OMG OMG!!! *Blank*


Decided to do a separate entry because this is a really special surprise. :)

As mentioned; I was pretty much pissed to be hurried home from Chelsie's chalet...
Got home almost flared at my mama and literally dragged myself back to my room...
The first thing I saw and heard was darkness and really familiar voices singing the "Happy Birthday" Song.
I WAS REALLY REALLY SHOCKED! And if I'm not wrong, i actually didn't see anyone initially! Lol. I was only taken aback by the abrupt singing and maybe... just surprised. Hahahaha.

Later than I realise, they were Cindy, Gary, Weishan, Jolene, Soohou, Lance and Yaping! Lol. Was really really shocked okayyy~

Oh ya, take a look at the animal at the top right hand corner. Please make a guess what it is. :D
Answers to be revealed soon...

My favourite Strawberry Shortcake. :D

The decorations... :D It was really nice and pretty much romantic. Haha~
Was told that they wanted to actually decorate the playground but had insufficient lightsticks. Lol.
Be it where you have this surprise, I'll still love it as much. :D

Take a look at my unglam and superrrrrr shocked expressions. Lol.



What the hell~

&the first thing that got to my mind when I got hold of myself was; "Shit~ My facial expression was horrible when the first shot was taken." LOL!

My bed full of dreams~~ :D

Making wishes~ I made two this year! :D

*Blows the candle~*

Omg, I can't believe this is actually happening...
*Happy happy!*

Cutting the cake.

Later than I realise, Yanling was actually part of this whole preparation~ Lol. This time round, she was really natural in making me believe there was nothing I should anticipate for the night. Haha.

Or maybe, I was too tired and needed some sleep that I didn't think much. :D LOL~ Okay la, Yanling gets some credits tooooooo! :D

Bringing the cake out of the roommmmmmmmmmmmmmm~

Aftermath, the rest started to play some games while I get some pictures transferred to Yanling's thumbdrive. :D

Playing the piggy game. Lol. It's really fun and pretty much FUN~ hahaha.

Soon, we started to do the usual - taking group pictures...


Guessed it already? :/

Wanna make a guess now? :/

It's alright to be wrong though. LOL!


Weishan(: says:
must blog that its a panda k!
Weishan(: says:

Get it? Lol~ IT'S A PANDA~
No, your eyes are not making tricks. Lol.

More pictures of us! :D


We can never get sick of this man ~ Lol.

Please take a good and close look at the next following pictures.
Focus more on Soohou, Gary and ME~

See Gary's about-to-laugh expression, Soohou's expression of oh,-i-am-innocent and look at what's he's holding!! Lol.
My face was spread with the CREAM! -.- Gosh~ LOL!!

I was attacked at the left side of my face first and got it the second time on the right. -.- Thanks ah Soohou! Lol. LOOK AT GARY! So happy. -.- LOL!

& Guess who's the mastermind?



I laughed till my tummy and back ached. Haha!

Passing on the baton to attack others too! Lol.

Look at Weishan's expression!! Lol.

Me helping Weishan revenge and getting the cream on Yaping! Lol.

HAHAHA~ Totally got bullied.

Yaping, I didn't know you love Weishan so much! HAHA.

Then, Weishan Yaping Gary and I went round trying to make the rest. Haha!

While Soohou, Lance and Jolene was hiding inside my kitchen. Haha~


Later, we got together a strategy and tricked the three out of the kitchen to make them one of us! Hohoho~
Initially, only Soohou came out while the other two hogged on the kitchen. LOL!
(FYI; there's a door that separates my kitchen from our living room.)

Then, we end up eating the cake. Lol. Waiting for the other two to come out.
They were so funny! Lol. They actually brought out the water flask and cups when we said we wanted to get water. -.- LOL! Paranoiddddddddddddddd~

But too bad la. Lol. They can't stay there forever... Haha!

Initially, no one was attacking anyone. Lol! Until we got our hands dirty and made them dirty as well. Hahah.



Only Cindy and Yanling were clean! Lol. The rest of us smelled like butter and stink reallllllllllllll bad!! Lol.
Read what Weishan told me the moment she's online~

Weishan(: says:
Weishan(: says:
JASMINE. says:
JASMINE. says:
JASMINE. says:
Weishan(: says:
Weishan(: says:

Hahah! They left for home feel pretty much dirty actually. hahahha. After they left, cleaned the house, mopped the floor and got showered~ :D

Them preparing for the big blackboard. :D

& below's my favorite picture for the night! :D

PS: I really have to thank you guys for making the effort to make this happen.
I was really really really surprised and touched but sorry luh, can't cry. Haha!

I really need to get some rest like... now?! Lol. Got chalet tomorrow somemore. x.x



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